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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fascist Marxism 101 & the elephant in the Davos Alps, Guccifer 2.0, Alperovitch & the DNC

William - 17 hours ago " Founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab, 78, told AFP that the discussions will aim to address "the root causes" of the widespread anxiety felt among Western voters."
"First you work at devaluing the currency beginning in 1913. Then you begin to deprive the rich white middle class of sending their kids to college or strap them into endless debt through government loan programs. Then you inflate the cost of College Education out of the reach of most White Middle Class Parents and Students. Then you create a student financial aid program for free money, funded by the white middle class tax payers. Give that money to your target minority groups children and also give them preferential treatment and move them to the head of the class, no matter what qualifications or academic achievement the local white population’s children may have attained, they are denied a seat in the classroom. Give it fifty years or so to blossom and you get the kind of diversity post card progressives talk about, however you also get the undesired effect of mediocre graduates, educated well past their intellect and in ridiculous majors such as Black or Hispanic studies, Sex studies, Diversity studies, Social Science as a reeducational tool to inject further quislings and anti American zombies into the Culture as well as Fake Journalist with no investigative ability or critical thought ability, who are more of repeaters than reporters and an open border to allow third world foreigners roughly half of the population of mexico to tap into the Civil Rights Welfare Programs created in the 1960's to redistribute middle class wealth and export manufacturing operations to third world countries as well as our enemies, like China, to further drain the White Citizenry of their hard earned income, add in a couple of million from Crapistan and Socialized Medicine. Stack the courts with socialist progressive globalist extremist and the job is complete as well as the destruction of the real citizens economy and votes. Fascist Marxism 101"