........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Annual Christmas Recipe Thread

 “He that was begotten of the Father the morning star without a mother, is today on earth become incarnate of thee without a father; wherefore, a star announceth the good tidings to the Magi; and the Angels with shepherds hymn thy seedless childbirth, O Full of Grace.”

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Friday, December 22, 2017

FBIanon Thread 1 and 2, QAnon on Schmidt, &, CHRISTMAS COOKIES

QAnon Links Resignation of Google’s Schmidt to Trump’s Executive Order

FBIanon Thread 1 and 2 starting July 2016

this is a difficult watch & very important for abuse survivors.

Wild Poinsettias

the Miracle of the Silence of the Birds

maranâ' thâ' w Wejherowie: MAGAnomics, President Pizzagate, six degrees of Bill Clinton, &, dear Mr. Rosenstein

maranâ' thâ' 


Passage of The Tax Bill Turns Trump’s ‘America-First’ Seeds into MAGAnomic Sprouts…

"There is a clear plan and strategy in place to deal with the schemes of the “small group” of co-conspirators within the DOJ and FBI.  CTH advises prudent patience, and assembly of tar and feathers, as the Machiavellian schemes continue to be untangled."

Oh Dear – Trail of Russian Dossier Origination Now Directly Leads to The Obama White House….

Obama as the Pizzagate President
(8) I've learned that leftists are motivated entirely by hate and the desire to destroy. It's an ideology that attracts damaged people.
(9) Obama had a disastrous childhood and early adulthood. He was without question molested by his mentor, the Marxist Frank Marshall Davis.
(10) Davis was a pornographer and a skilled writer.
Obama is TERRIBLE writer. The few samples of his writing available show that he writes at about an eighth-grade level.

(65) Be indiscernible, and strike like lightning. Sun Tzu

This relates to Pizzagate because it is the bigger network of child human trafficking for purposes of satanic ritual that have been, up until now, hidden in plain sight. Funny that this article is front page of yahoo. The rest of the links are important give the bigger picture.

Pedophile CIA SEX SLAVE-MK ULTRA Brice Taylor

57 Brice Taylor - Thanks for the Memories - Chapter Three: We’re Off to See the Wizard - Disneyland

Pedophile Elite - Club 33 - Order Out Of Chaos

Club 33: A Dark Secret "Out of all the bad things to come out of Walter Elias "Walt" Disney and his so-called "Park of Magic" and "The Happiest Place on Earth", people do not really seem to pay any attention to them. That is because they do not know the truth. I am writing this where they can't get me. I know too much, they say."

"Bimbo's Initiation" "Did ANYONE realize that it was MICKEY MOUSE who kidnapped him?"

Disneyland Update - Secrets of Club 33 "I was given a chance to enter Club 33, and I spent the entire time finding the "secret rooms" and found this one locked door with weird lights coming from under the door, and weird sounds. I went and asked a Disney employee about it and he froze up, talked into his walkie-talkie, and told all of us it was time to leave, I asked him again and he said some bullshit thing about it being a "Daycare Disco" I felt like I was in some MK Ultra situation..."

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Prophecy ~ This is the time of sorrows for men and women of faith. Do not stray from the truth.

God is making haste. In these difficult times, do not depart from prayer.

Corde natus ex parentis 
Ante mundi exordium 
A et O cognominatus, 
ipse fons et clausula 
Omnium quae sunt, fuerunt, 
quaeque post futura sunt. 
Saeculorum saeculis. 

 Of the Father's love begotten
 Ere the worlds began to be, 
He is Alpha and Omega, 
He the Source, the Ending He, 
Of the things that are, that have been, 
And that future years shall see 
Evermore and evermore.

12 Gifts of #Maga, LAS VEGAS SHOOTING UPDATE, #ObamaGate, #PedoGate "Hollywood is the greatest weapon US gov ever created", Podesta, MK Ultra, the CIA, Wonderland Auctions & LINKIN PARK,

the 12 Gifts of TaxMas

green_man "Don't like it? Change the shitty tax laws in your high tax state. The gravy train is over assholes, hope you like your level playing field. Maybe cut out all of the sanctuary bullshit so you can lower your taxes?"

America's Christmas bonus! Big business passes on massive corporate tax rate cut as AT&T gives EVERY worker a $1,000 bonus and Boeing, Comcast and Wells Fargo hand out wage rises and bonuses too! however&then: Hundreds of metro AT&T employees laid off just before Christmas

“WORSE Than Watergate!”: Rand Paul Calls For “High Ranking” Obama Officials To Be Investigated For “Colluding” Against Trump

Jim Jordan & Ron DeSantis Instruct DOJ To Turn Over Emails Related To Obama Protecting Hezbollah Drug Traffickers

Hillary In The Crosshairs As DOJ Prosecutors Begin Asking FBI Agents About Uranium One

Bureau of Land Management whistleblower says BLM officials have "kill book", bragged about getting people to commit suicide, used snipers in Bundy standoff, and more 

"Alaska has one of the highest rates of sex crimes against children and trafficking of children in the country. ... I had my doubts too. Know how I knew it was true because it hit me in the gut like a fist? The image of Caris James. Who the fuck does that to a kid except a perv? "  SoldierofLight

not just Hollywood but how pedophilia(Hollywood) connects to Washington 

"I have uncovered more damning evidence via Wikileaks that ties John “Skippy” Podesta to MK Ultra, the CIA, Wonderland Auctions and LINKIN PARK."

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

LOCUTIONS 2015 ~ And Jerusalem will be the Capital of the planet during the Millennium. And Christ will rule the Earth.

keep your eyes on Jerusalem, Satan eyes it with envy & jealousy, Only that city still holds the divine blood in its soil

#ColdAnger: TAX REFORM PASSES, Judge declares mistrial in Nevada Bundy's ranch standoff case,


Big Three Networks Ignored Stunning Story About Obama Protecting Hezbollah

BREAKING: Due to Prosecutor Misconduct, Judge Declares Mistrial in Fed Case Against Cliven Bundy…

Judge declares mistrial in Nevada Bundy's ranch standoff case, states Constitution was violated
steve0suprem0 "I don't think you've been paying attention, I'm afraid. The last trial of the lower tier defendants was done THREE times before the judge allowed them to plea down to obstruction and time served - eighteen goddamned months of families without fathers or income. Judge Gloria Navarro is as corrupt as they come and and bent over backwards for the prosecution while denying damn near every motion by defense. I was in the courtroom (full disclosure, one of the defendants is a near lifelong friend) for the first trial and watched an elderly man dragged out of the audience because he had a constitution peeking out of his shirt pocket.
Point is, this will most likely result in another lengthy and expensive trial in what should become a textbook example of a kangaroo court. Now I'm off to read the article so I can confirm my bias, but I'll be back after with anything new I come up with

Edit: "Article" is generous phraseology here. Everything above remains.

Edit 2: new trial February 26"

& the Shills can't explain it away: #PizzaGate #PedoGate, Glamour, &, the deceptions of the lucifereans are always heavily based in truth.

Q's second reference to Pizzagate-related events today! 

"A cute analogy, sure. But my hunch is that there was a racial aspect to it as well given that the ACLU is loath to defend Christian churches (although it will from time to time) while it often defends religions composed mostly of non-whites, namely Islam. It also supports racist policies such as affirmative action which has evolved into a weapon with which non-white slowly strip freedoms, rights, and influence away from white people. In the late 1970s, a crèche symbolized the identity, values, faith, and traditions of the vast majority of white Americans, and I say that by attacking it, the ACLU was really attacking white people through the proxy of Christianity. That was most likely their intent all along, and it had nothing to do with upholding the Constitution. Here’s 14th amendment which affirmative action violates: "

GeorgeT - "Just remember folks, Podesta was going to be the Secretary of State under Killary!! Let that sink in!!! And JA would have upped visits to the WH to up to a dozen per year, and fat Tony would have picked the art collection in the Oval Office!!!!! Bannana Republic!!! Hey Muller why aren't you looking at this! Oh I forgot, you covered up 9-11/Bush ties!!!!"

Rosie O'Donnell Caught Bribing GOP Senators With Millions of Dollars to Kill Tax Bill

Liberals Truly Believe The Money You Earn Belongs To Them

The 'Lost Boys': Hollywood producer Gary Goddard accused of sexual misconduct by 8 former child actors 

meanwhile: "Self-objectification, apparently, is sexy. Glamour magazine has actually promoted dangerous “at-home” abortions. Teen Vogue recently decided to shill for porn-addicted young men everywhere and published a handy guide promoting anal sex to young girls, despite the fact that doctors are reporting a huge influx of girls that need to be stitched up—and are even using tampons in their bottoms—due to how damaging these practices are. And now, Cosmopolitan has released an article titled “8 Reasons You Should Rethink Your Stance on Cheating.”

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

the much bigger agenda: Q drops from 12/11 through 12/18, the bigger question becomes, why is the media reporting all this now?

Merkel's Last Stand - Article 7 For Poland


Q posts picture of NY Mag article entitled "The Storm is the New Pizzagate, Only Worse" 

Q drops from 12/11 through 12/18: Atlanta airport shutdown covered extraction of George Soros; 19 more ops underway

MSU scholars find $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending; Defense Department to conduct first-ever audit

i don't know ... (((they))) took him out too fast & too successfully ... just like Chaka said ... worth more dead than alive ... & the contemporaries close to him who KNEW about industry PEDOs said he wasn't. imo. from here

"An "alien invasion" in the service of a one world government, for the benefit of elites, doing away with the quarrelsome sovereignty of nation-states, is a better explanation than the existence of any advanced species which would bother with us."

GOP Rep Jordan: ‘Everything Points’ to ‘an Orchestrated Plan’ Within DOJ, FBI to Prevent Trump From Becoming President

341 Q: "12 deals rejected (today alone)", ALABAMA VOTER FRAUD INVESTIGATION!, Tick tock, Jake. XXOO,KG, Atlanta Airport "power outage" hoax, Glee Pedowood star down

Secretary of State launches investigation into voter fraud concerns in Senate special election

The accident scene does not match up with claims of high speed. It matches up perfectly with Antifa derailing the train at the request of George Soros.
Yesterday some of the MSM reports were saying they found what derailed the train. Those are all gone now. What happened to them? Obviously white wash. You can't go from "we found the obstacle" to "oh, it was going too fast" in the real world, especially with all the rest of the evidence at hand.

 What we have with this crash is an act of sabotage, being buried by commies & liberals who just can't admit that the scum they supported had a real & serious impact in the real world, on a train they themselves would ride. We also have a situation where Amtrak would lie, to prevent copycats from doing the same thing.

Here we go again. CDAN. Which network news anchorish-type person was moved to a cable network after the network dismissed him due to an IN HOUSE CHILD PORN investigation....

"Everybody can't get a deal. Who gets a deal? Lowest-level bad actor that can give the most.

This also suggests: Deals are being pitched by the targets....so they have lots of folks by the short hairs....and also that maybe targets are being played against each other, bidding up the detail the targets are willing to "pay" for leniency.

If Q is legit, this is the best news in the entire link. Thanks for the link, btw. I've given up trying to deal with 4Chan." https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2297867

Atlanta Airport "power outage" is a hoax it's to let planes take off with cabal members fleeing the country.

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Covered It Up

"Glee" actor Mark Salling pleaded guilty in the child pornography case against him on Monday, admitting to possessing approximately 25,000 images of children engaged in sexual conduct,

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Census at Bethlehem

Mary’s Journey to Bethlehem ~ Vision given to Maria Valtorta

Gaudete in Domino semper!

“Beloved, do not despair, but trust in my mercy. Do not question the Divine plan, but rejoice in it. Depend on it when all seems lost. Take care that you do not unwittingly fight for the wrong side. Be therefore humble, trusting, contrite, willing, abandoned, and joyful. If you could see my glory—even for the briefest instant—your fears would instantly evaporate, never to return. Trust in me. I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Pelianito - Dec. 17th

Mary’s Journey to Bethlehem As Dictated to Mystic Maria Valtorta

Fr. Jozo's Prayer to the Holy Spirit

BIGGER THAN WATERGATE: BOOM Haiti, #PizzaGate Is Burning, QAnon Storm Watch, & Roy IS NOT Conceding


"It's very likely that all of these people will end up going to jail."

Alabama Military to the Rescue of Roy Moore

New Sexual Assault Claims On Deck

Eggs-Vs-Bacon - "BOOM Haiti

"Sherman was one of the most powerful and highly-connected men in North America and was perhaps most well-known for securing a deal with the Clinton Foundation during to provide vaccines in Haiti. In September 2014, in response to the spread of the chikungunya virus in Haiti, Apotex worked with the humanitarian organization Direct Relief to donate more than $2.2 million in medical aid to the country. Apotex struck a deal with the Clintons’ Direct Relief organization to provide drugs to treat victims of the virus, saying in a statement: “Apotex is in a position to help (in Haiti), and we are delighted to work with Direct Relief…” Apotex worked with Direct Relief in Haiti, who was a “particularly active” member of the Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative community, supporting post-hurricane “relief efforts” there. The huge pharmaceutical company airlifted vaccinations and medical supplies into Haiti that was funded through charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation and other connected charities." "
QAnon Storm Watch

RE: Arpaio pardoned by Trump: Let's look at why, shall we?

queen against a queen, a rook, & a pawn: Antifa terrorists, Las Vegas Massacre, #Fakenews & Paid Accusers

Trump Saves Taxpayers $3,000,000 by Nuking Obama-Designed Website

BREAKING: Trump to remove ‘climate change’ as a national security threat

The Atlanta airport is on lockdown

Probable final update: Power is coming back on. It is a huge congested mess with about 100,000 people stuck.

A little after noon Atlanta time, the power was knocked out at the airport. They have redundant systems which should have prevented any blackouts and they did not, it blacked out anyway. A not believable story about a fire in the basement causing it all was hatched. Now there are tweets from local fired departments saying they were never called. If there was a fire the airport would have been evacuated. It was not evacuated.

77 planes were stuck on the runway, where passengers sat for 9 hours. They were finally allowed off the planes. No incoming flights were accepted. The authorities are spewing lies about what is going on.

Power outages do not make it impossible for people to leave the airport, yet no one was permitted to leave. They are opening up an auditorium and moving people from the airport to the auditorium.

The confusion hatched theories, all of which now appear to have been bogus. One is that there is an outbreak and they are waiting for people to show symptoms. Another theory is a radiation threat. Also a chemical threat. No one knows anything, they are only guessing because it is so weird

China has called for East Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine

Ok, this is big. First of all, Israel claims Palestine does not exist. An obvious farce, but still claimed nonetheless. After Trump delcared a move of the U.S. embassy for Israel to Jerusalem, China stood up and said East Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine, and in the same statement proclaimed palestine should get national status based on 1967 borders.

That won't happen until Samson sings.

China is not alone. Both Turkey and Lebanon have stated they want their embassies to Palestine in East Jerusalem also. So Trump pushed through the move of the U.S. embassy for Israel to Jerusalem, and in response, China, Turkey and Lebanon want to put their embassies to Palestine in Jerusalem. WHO WON THAT PISSING MATCH? I'd say that ended up with a chess board that has a queen against a queen, a rook, and a pawn.

meanwhile: SEATTLE TRAIN DERAILMENT "And all the leftist graffiti on the rail bridge shows they know the area." ...... "Early in the morning of April 20th we poured concrete on the train tracks that lead out of the Port of Olympia to block any trains from using the tracks. We took precautions to notify BNSF (the train company) – we called them and we used wires to send a signal that the tracks were blocked. We did this not to avoid damaging a train, nothing would bring bigger grins to our faces, but to avoid the risk of injuring railway workers."

the still unanswered questions he says people are starting to forget to ask concerning the shooting in Las Vegas.

IT’S AN INDUSTRY: Thanks to Lisa Bloom We Now Know Trump Accusers are Paid $750,000 by Dem Donors to Say Trump Abused Them

Why It’s Becoming Increasingly Obvious Adam Schiff Probably Leaked Trump Jr.-WikiLeaks #FakeNews To CNN

Thursday, December 14, 2017

THE STORM IS ON US: Q, MEGA ANON, child sex trafficking, The Hastert Scandal, Schumer Sexual Skeletons

Q Calls Attention to Papers on Anderson Cooper's Table

Schumer Sexual Skeletons Coming Soon! MegaAnon, Stew Webb

Judge BANS Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert From Contact With Children

 Intergenerational pedophilic families behind Child Mind Institute

french onion soup

french onion soup

Alabama swamped with out of State Voters!! ALABAMA CANNOT EVEN PROVE THE VOTES WERE COUNTED AT ALL

RedditFuckingBlows "... Remember 44 states still refuse to expose their voter rolls to Trump's investigation committee including Alabama."

Alabama swamped with out of State Voters

They admit to voter fraud right on video. How stupid can these people possibly be? "I give it a day before 4chan doxes him."

ScreaminMime "The wrath of 4Chan be upon him."

"The dems are joyous over stealing this election. With this election, they proved they have the support structure in place to steal every significant election from now on. If they could steal it in Alabama, they can steal it anywhere.

Alabama was the model for future stolen elections


I am sure by now everyone out there has seen the clear and sympathetic yet blatantly fraudulent explanation for how Moore lost. The explanation, which has been given by some MSM and even many "friendly" alt media types goes like this:

"Moore lost because he was a flawed candidate who was slandered and "we cannot allow this kind of slander anymore". "People just could not get past the slander and believed he actually did it, and conservatives just could not bring themselves to put a molester in office". "So not enough conservatives went out and voted, and with such a high number of blacks voting, Moore lost".

This story sounds at least tenuously plausible, and if it works, "they" will use it. I cannot see how anyone who is real alt media would ever believe it, or publish it, especially when the court order which allowed the tally to be deleted immediately after the election was highly indicative of planned fraud and made it possible for election officials to publish a fully false, never counted "result". If asked to prove they counted the votes, they can just say OOPS, we deleted the count.
Even our enemies in media are to a degree "acting sympathetic" and saying Gee, maybe that election was not fair because of the slander against Moore, but it happened, and we must accept the results. PROBLEM: It did not happen that way and if we "accept the results" a win is a win, and tyranny wins.

Here is what actually happened

The false allegations against Moore were hugely and widely exposed LONG AGO and did not affect him at all. He completely rebounded. From all legit social media posts I have found, voter turnout by conservatives exceeded the 2016 election and Moore should have had more votes than Trump did. But they were votes that were never considered and never counted, because the vote totals that actually got used for the count were already decided by corrupt poll officials before the election, who then lied and said only a few turned up to vote. HERE IS PROOF:

There is a cold hard reason why the Alabama supreme court made an unprecedented final hour decision to allow all accountability for the vote to be destroyed immediately after the election. Folks, the only way that would happen is if they blatantly stole the election before a single vote was cast, and the court was in on the steal. They knew it was such a landslide for Moore that people would seriously question his loss, and the only way to shut up critics of the "results" was to simply have no results they could question. I have seen even scamming alt media types say that deleting the electronic record did not matter. Question: IF IT DID NOT MATTER, WHY THE F*** WAS A FINAL HOUR DECISION MADE TO ALLOW IT? I have the clear and perfect answer here.

There was no count. And in the interim between now and any "recount," these corrupt poll officials are going through all the ballots RIGHT NOW and are making the vote "correct". With no electronic record left they will get away with it. This is a perfect model for stealing elections. It starts by simply lying about what the initial electronic tally was (or not making one at all), then they "delete" that tally, and then before a recount of anything on paper is done, they work overtime and make the paper match. They have a LOT more time to work on this than they did on election night, they will get it done.

It would be easy to explain it all away by saying the dead voted. I am sure they did. It would be easy to explain it all away by saying fraudsters came in from neighboring states and rigged it due to a lack of an ID check. I am sure they did. And it would be easy to explain this by saying they were busing people around to different polling locations. I am sure they did. But the landslide for Moore was so huge that even taking those measures did not cut it, and they feared they would not cut it, so they had everything in place to scam the vote entirely, behind closed doors, ahead of the election. The situation in Alabama is so blatant that it best matches the scenario of no votes being counted at all.

There is proof of that being precisely the case. At the end of the count, when it was supposed to be predominantly democrat votes getting counted, Moore stayed within a few thousand votes of Jones the whole way. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. If his base hated him enough to put it close at the time his opponent's votes got counted, he should have been slam dunked into the trash. He was not. The tally simply ended within 0.04 percent of what it took to not trip an automatic recount. It was so hoaxed that only an AI could have managed it that well, UNLESS, OF COURSE, IT WAS ALL DECIDED AHEAD OF TIME, AND NO VOTES ACTUALLY GOT COUNTED AT ALL. THAT WOULD BE A GREAT REASON TO HAVE THE COURT ALLOW THE RECORD OF THAT COUNT TO BE "DESTROYED," RIGHT? Now, if they are asked to prove they counted the vote, they can just say they deleted it. That makes sense.
There is no explanation for what happened in Alabama, so if anyone has one, don't play stupid and accept it.

If even an alt media talking head says there was a way for Moore to have lost legitimately, and we believe it, we face a future in all elections that is JUST LIKE ALABAMA. If anyone in alt media says there was a way for Moore to have lost, they are either too stupid to remember what things were like a few days ago, or never paid attention, or most likely fake opposition.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

THE BIG UGLY: preparing the general public, Masonic Satanic Brotherhood & music entertainment industry

Clive Davis in "Satan's Son." The tragic ritual sacrifice that results from the grooming of minors in the entertainment industry.

"What is obvious from the last 72 hours is that the Inspector General’s office is selectively, and strategically, letting out information that appears to be preparing the general public for a rather extensive, and troubling, bigger story."

"Deputy AG Rosenstein knows whether or not the FBI paid for the Trump-Russia dossier. He knows."
Voter fraud and irregularities in Alabama special senate election

meanwhile: Jerome Corsi Predicts “Almost Complete Disclosure” of Obama Birth Certificate Evidence 

BUSTED: April Ryan Caught Spreading #FakeNews After Omarosa Fired From White House

PizzaGate. Rehabs, East Coast Trafficing Network, CNN, Spielberg, & U.S. tax code reform

"The comments section of this blind item went wild as did 4chan and voat.com/pizzagate. Let's break this down as to why people think this was referring to Heather O'Rourke."

John Doe said... "I posted about this on yesterday's blind about Geffen and the murders of Bennington and Cornell and the Geffen connection. Geffen is the mogul. The interviews and research that Bennington and Cornell were doing with those teens led them to find out about this child trafficking ring---which has strong ties to the Clinton Global Foundation, the Red Cross, and other children's charities. These charitable foundations are feeder organizations for the racket that is operated by the mogul. They grab children abroad and smuggle them into the USA for sex. Its a huge child prostitution ring. Lots of business people, politicians, and big shots from overseas fly in to have sex with the children. Its part of something else that I'm not going to post about anymore.

I will continue to pray for those children.

Things are about to blow up from what I have heard and read. Providence, it seems, has intervened on behalf on these kids. The end of this racket is nigh. And some of the people who facilitated it politically suddenly are dropping out of public service and there will be others. I will not mention any names but you can look them up yourself. The info is out there.

Some of these pregnancies...the babies are sacrificed. Samael + Lilith = Baphomet. The shit is real, people! Choose not to believe it if you want to. But it IS real.

There is more to this story. A LOT more. "

carmencita [S] 1 points (+2|-1) 1.1 days ago "In this town yes, they are stocking it with children too. But my question is, where are the sending Weinstein and the other A Listers there? They are surely partaking of these benefits in this town or they are being brought in to them. I smelled The Rat Geffen right away. He Reeks."

Roy Moore Accuser Called For Him To Be “Impeached And Disbarred” In 2016

"Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are claiming the U.S. congress has no right to reform the U.S. tax code because the reforms undercut their ability to hold an advantage over the U.S. in multinational trade deals.
This quote is particularly enlightening:
[…]  The letter argues that proposed changes to the U.S. tax code could give American companies an advantage over foreign rivals.

GOWDY ON FIRE! Rips Into Deputy AG Rosenstein: “What in the HELL is going on at the DOJ and FBI?”

Q explains Jones, traps to reveal voter fraud? it is going to get ugly: Something very strange is happening online today

An interesting perspective on the Alabama election - Q explains that Jones had to win so the Democrats could be exposed for rigging it all 
carmencita 22 points (+22|-0) ago 
This is how they get around stuff. There are articles denying that Soros owns voting machines but here is how they skirt the issue: The chairman of Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who sits in the British House of Lords and on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. He was formerly the vice-chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds and even the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations when he worked as chief of staff to Kofi Annan. http://dailycaller.com/2016/10/18/soros-connected-company-provides-voting-machines-in-16-states/ Election Fraud can be committed with software that is inside the Early Voting Machines. They can be controlled from the parking lot just outside the Polling Place. I have researched this quite a bit. Check out Clint Curtis video. He went to Jail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7R1_ixtlycYouTube AND here is a vid that my friend sent me last year that explains how votes can be switched later on. If you think this is a boring subject this will make it somewhat funny. It is My Favorite on Election Fraud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmYYvZASoksYouTube
& the rats are coming out snarling!

 Q Update: December 11th

"Something very strange is happening online today
 It is as if an enormous insidious artificial intelligence has been tasked to handle the election discussion everywhere.

It seems to be attempting to claim 95 percent of black voters turned out (and that's normal), that Moore got less than half of what Trump got, and that Jones was somehow able to match what Hillary got. It is attempting to make people believe that everyone thinks it is the Republicans fault, that Alabama hates Trump, and that this was the backlash.

It is dominating all discussion, out posting everyone on all venues by a rate of about 5:1. Only places that require registration are a little more what I would expect, but there is heavy damage going on in such places also. There is no conceivable way they could hire enough people to do this, an artificial intelligence has to be doing it.

I don't usually hit /pol, but I noticed this so prominently that I took a look, and /pol is getting posts bashing Republicans, white people, and Moore at a rate of about 11:1. Pol is an absolutely prime example of what is going on now.

I believe it is managing the message window also, because there has not been ONE, NOT ONE message about the election that made it. Absolute ZERO. I would have expected at least 200. Zero??!!?? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!


UPDATE: Many people are reporting poll turnouts in excess of what there was for the 2016 elections. Yet the media is saying it was far less, and the votes never showed up!!!! Something fishy there indeed.

UPDATE: Rumor has it that Moore set traps to reveal voter fraud
If that be the case, it is going to get ugly.

Moore has called for a recount but the court order I mentioned earlier still gives election officials permission to destroy the ballots, and prevent a recount that way. YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!! I WILL REPEAT: Even if Moore requests a recount, it can be blocked by election officials simply destroying the ballots before a recount can happen!!!! GTFO!!!!!

As it turns out, write in votes were all going to Moore and they suddenly flipped for Jones. This has triggered official suspicions that the election was stolen. Add to this the fact that purely black areas suddenly stopped turning in enough votes to push Jones way a head once he was a little bit ahead makes things look very suspicious. It was obviously calculated, and not a legitimate count.

There are rumors about the write in ballots being thrown out due to the obvious tampering. At latest reporting that I have seen, Moore is only 4,000 away from Jones. An impossible razors edge. If the write ins that got stolen are discarded, Moore will win, but there will still be an automatic recount. How that is managed will determine it all, if the ballots are still present and there are enough witnesses, major fraud may get busted.

QUESTION: How does Moore stay at an equal percentage away from Jones when ONLY democrat area votes are being counted, all the way up the last 14 percent of votes? YOU GUESS!!!! The only way that could happen is if even a majority of Democrats voted for Moore, and they did not allow Moore even that part of the vote.

Nothing in this for me is "suspicious", it was outright fraud. Let's see how a recount called tonight affects that court decision to allow the ballot records to be destroyed!!!

As I predicted, they stole it by 1 percent.Actually, it is worse. They stole it by 1.04 percent, because if it hit one percent there would have been an automatic recount.

If the election fraud does not stop, the only thing we can possibly do is plot a violent overthrow. That is absolutely the only way things can be made right when it is impossible to get a fair vote count. REALITY: Moore 70, Jones 30. The steal may ram a fraud down our throats, but it won't change the way the people really voted. There is a cold hard reason why the Alabama supreme court issued a special ruling to allow all ballots to be destroyed by morning, and we just saw it.

Jones picked up 50,000 votes in one burst, during which Moore picked up zero. They are flat out stealing it. Most likely they are not counting ballots at all.

There is a reason why the Alabama supreme court stepped in and said all ballots could be destroyed before morning. And we just saw it.

Here is proof they are rigging it.
With 68 percent of the vote counted, Moore had 53.5 percent and Jones had 45.1 percent. Then, with 71 percent of the votes counted, Moore had 51.6 percent and Jones had 47 percent. It does not work that way. The percentage of votes for a particular candidate cannot swing so much over such a small percentage. There is definitely a steal going on. MOORE WILL DEFINITELY LOSE TO ELECTION FRAUD."

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