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Friday, November 11, 2016

Electoral College revolt, LEFTY MELT DOWN, "Obama's Legacy Is Toast!", &, CNN STILL SUCKS

"Cold water was showered upon the Electoral College revolt Friday from the surprising dark cloud of Vox, which declared that “realistically, considering how big a lead Trump has, who the electors are, how their votes are counted, and hundreds of years of American democratic norms, it’s a silly fantasy that is just in no way, shape, or form going to happen.”

LIVE Stream: Anti-Trump Protest Rally in New York City & Miami FL (11/11/16)

"YOU LOST! WE had to put up with Obama for the last 8 years while he tore down, divided, and almost bankrupted this country. You had your chance and you failed, miserably I might add. Now, you get to watch President Trump pick up the pieces of our fractured country and make it great again.
America has spoken and now it’s OUR turn to run the country. So sit down, shut up, and just enjoy all the benefits of lower taxes, more jobs, a stronger economy, smaller government and more freedoms that someone who knows what he’s doing can provide! If you had any class, you’d just show some appreciation and say THANK YOU, then go on your merry little way."