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Monday, November 14, 2016

Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat: Cultural enrichment in pedestrian zone in Italy,

Obama's Choices: crackpot-like-rev-wright-terrorist-bomber-like-bill-ayers/

"If you’d like to call PacketSled and demand they hold Harrigan fully accountable for his death threats against our next president, their phone number is (858) 225-2352." 

Meanwhile in a pedestrian zone in Italy... washing day. Cultural enrichment at the highest level "You save and save and save to take the family on a vacation to Italy, and there, in the middle of a plaza, some shirt head has dropped his pants and is, I don’t know, it looks like he’s hand feeding oats to his ass, but he’s actually washing off his growlerhole and then using the same hand to wash his face and everybody is doing their best to ignore him but you’ve had a long day and the octopus is swimming around in your stomach like Jacques Cousteau is after it and you don’t want to have all the Italians think that Americans are rude and you realize that this filthy bastich is dropping clingons onto a plaza constructed by Roman engineers thousands of years ago so how much could they care about what you yell at this filthy bastich so you take a deep breath and holler,
“Hey! Shirthead! Just so you know! Your head is the one with teeth in it! Now pull up your pants before you have to scrub a boot print off your ass!”" #20

Official safe spaces marginalize Republicans as the 'other' and turn universities into a joke.