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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

PURE CIA PSY-OPTS, FAKE LEFTIST HATE HOAX, their f**king safety pins, Thought Criminal #39720984-HG6374, &, Two months later, he shot himself

"Two months later, he shot himself, believing he was a failure and leaving behind his final sketchbook...."

more on Thought Criminal #39720984-HG6374

"Look at this LYING BASTARD, the "former" head of CIA Mind Control, yes, the TOP DOG of their HELLISH Psy-Opts Unit (still working for them) Claiming to be one of the GATE KEEPERS of the "Second American Revolution." FOLKS, you owe the CIA, NOTHING. At the last minute when it was obvious that THEY COULD NOT CONTROL US, this LYING BASTARD appeared all over Social Media, explaining to you, how we owned our "revolution to THEM." They played the James Comey re-opening an investigation into the new 620k Hillary Emails as the opportunity to TAKE CREDIT. (AND we KNOW that was a psy-opt) Now they are calling themselves "Gatekeepers of the Second American Revolution!" Go FUNK YOURSELF, you demonic CIA SNAKE.

What we want is the abolition of the CIA and the prosecution of every LYING BASTARD, LIKE YOU, Steve Piexzenik. Do you think you are going to succeed in painting yourself a hero and the CIA Cucks as an army of White Hats? NONE of the things you name could have been carried out WITHOUT the CIA in the middle of the OPERATION. Who are you trying to kid, you FOOL!" 

“They can give their f**king safety pins to my patient’s fatherless 4 year old daughter.”

FAKE HATE: "the students were filmed by security cameras breaking into the chapel on Friday night. The next day after which they appear to have spray-painted swastikas, pictures of genitals, racist slurs against African Americans and Muslims, homophobic slurs, and the word “Trump,”"

Upon leaving the Chili’s, Walker reportedly wasted no time in connecting with the media:  "He goes around posting under a pseudonym “Ernest Blackman” and has a service dog named “Barack” "

The legacy media has no idea what it is walking into.