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Thursday, November 10, 2016

NBC incited race war, Soros funded maniacs w/Hammer&sickle, & THE DEPLORABLES!

"But like many who fall into the ‘basket of deplorables’ residing in the US I realized early on that the battle between Trump and Clinton was much more than simply a contest between two politicians for the presidency. At its core it was an ideological conflict between light and dark, truth and lies. It was a struggle for the heart of western civilization in general. ... So retreat to your safe spaces, grab your adult colouring books and put on a happy face my special snow flakes because regardless of whoever/whatever you are and regardless of what nation it is you reside in, we, the deplorables, are coming for you."

we are being divided. anyone who could vote for Clinton should be avoided. They either don't know about the crimes & satanic filth exposed by Wikileaks & Veritas (& good luck trying to show them!), ... or they don't care.

"What kind of a statement is it really there to make? They lost."
MSNBC's Chris Matthews

BREAKING – Guess Who Paid For the Anti-Trump Riots In New York?

Soros Foundation Funding Race War/Total American Collapse

NBC Incites Race War

A nearly unanimous media failed to carry the unpopular Hillary across the finish line.