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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blood Sucking RINO Tics: waking things up in the Swamp, Chicongo, LALALA, Boston, a great echoing silence & they won't tell the whole truth even with a gun to their head.


"When Steven Salaita lost his cushy academic gig for celebrating assault on Jews, the media turned out vocally in his support. But when George Mason University calls out the dogs for protests against anti-Semitism and does its best to intimidate and brutalize a Soviet dissident, there is a great echoing silence."

via JSFJ

"The RINOs still don't get it. We want Fair Trade, not Crony Trade Deals. Trump will wake things up in the Swamp..." Anthony

"The minute you heard that Barry soetoro claimed he came into office with an America completely falling apart and he's leaving it for Trump in magnificent shape, you knew there was no reason to listen to Saul alinsky Jr say any more" discostu004, aspen, United States

“I will take a YET ANOTHER vacation for a couple weeks after my presidency is over, ... I want to publicly say how proud I am of Hillary Clinton on a history-making race ATTEMPT TO STEAL THE ELECTION. We did not get the results we wanted, (THANKS BE TO GOD!) but we took a step in shattering a barrier that’s still there,” THE LIAR & THIEF

"Chicongo, LALALA, and now Boston. Who’s NEXT?"

ARE YOU EVEN LISTING TO YOURSELF!?: an Authoratarian Culture War & the redefinition of Words (language!)

meanwhile:  "My, my, my. What do we have here? According to KGW8, more than half of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Oregon didn’t even vote. Raise your hand if you’re surprised."