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Monday, October 24, 2016

Is Wikileaks still Wikileaks: the Lolita Express, the Sleazy Blond Bimbo MO, & where is Braverman?

via JSFJ

"By far the most popular theory is that Wikileaks has been compromised by the US Government, & that it’s engaging in a campaign of shitty tweets & inaccurate leaks to tarnish the reputation of the organization once & for all."

" Gavin Macfadyen, beloved director of WikiLeaks, now takes his fists and his fight to battle God. Sock it to him, forever, Gavin. -JA"— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) 5:33 PM - 22 Oct 2016 
( correct me if I am wrong; an atheist does not believe/give any credit to 'GOD', & these are not the words of the man who wrote on his now-defunct blog 12/3/06:
 This is more mental manipulation esp. aimed @ Christians who, in great #s, support Assange. the little brother)

"where is Eric Braverman now? Clearly, at one point, Braverman expressed some interest in exposing the deep corruption within the Clinton Foundation...now, with all of the new WikiLeaks disclosures, would seem like an opportune time to do just that."

The Most Revealing Emails from the #PodestaFiles, Separated By Category (Parts 1 - 15)

Julian Assange ‘Statement’ Not Good Enough, The Virtual Silence Is Deafening

this story the media does not want you reading