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Monday, August 8, 2016

URGENT! PRAYER WARRIORS ~ My eyes are wide open now.


'Pray & fast, because with prayer & fasting you can stop wars & natural disasters.'  Our Lady of Medjugorje

If Hillary Clinton takes the presidency, it is the end of the United States.

‘Never Trump’ Taps Their Candidate: Bald Unknown Mormon Hill Staffer from Goldman Sachs Who ‘Resettled’ Refugees for UN - Former CIA operative, businessman, and GOP Policy Director.

Rhett Betty Gerdon • 2 hours ago "Wilson and McMullin work for Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. This is an attempt to reverse the bleeding caused by the Wikileaks Fallout. HRC knows the Jill never Hill is exploding in the grass roots and the Bernrades will never come back. They're desperate at camp HRC. This is why she pivoted and tried to get GOPe to come her way also 3 weeks ago. Internal polling is showing that is not working. This last minute attempt to balance the low Democrat voter turnout as well as the groundswell of Democrats jumping ship is a sign of complete chaos at the Clinton Camp. The news of immense pressure to shut up Assange coming from the USA by threatening Ecuador is going to send even more Bernie voters away."

Madame President Clinton’s Coming War on the Blogosphere, and Your Countermeasures

$375,000 Deposited To The Khan Law Account From The Clinton Foundation