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Saturday, August 6, 2016

THIS IS BETWEEN GLOBALISTS, & AMERICANS: the Fakesters' Trump Hitman Story, 2 DEAD in 2 days!, Khizr Khan goes up in flames, &, establishing the "Hillary Landslide!" narrative before the first debate

"These Media pollsters are all "Changing their Methodology to better reflect the electorate", meaning to show Hillary with a huge lead. 

IMO, they MUST establish the "Hillary Landslide!" narrative before the first debate, because Trump is going to absolutely crush her, calling her out for all of her crimes and corruption. They already KNOW THIS, and have called out the memes to all of the Mainstream Media's Flying Monkeys."

Wisconsin GOP Circles Wagons for Ryan:  "What a disaster. Trump invites Nehlen and Ryan’s stooges eject him from TRUMP’S RALLY. That Ryan refused to attend. How cute is that?"

2 DEAD in 2 days!

Media Apoplectic as Khizr Khan Attack on Donald Trump Goes Down in Flames

Recent Breaches Raise Fears of Voting System Hacks