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Monday, August 8, 2016

the Democrat trainwreck in slo-mo, The rat poison problem: Treasonous doesn’t even begin to describe this walking pile of human excrement, &, on being set apart, not set aside

Massive Voter Fraud Danger in Current Presidential Election


The rat poison problem: Media lie about Hillary’s severe health condition

"Soros once again rears his ugly head in our country and it has a drastic effect on our politics. Throughout the primaries, he funded the anti-Trump forces that showed up at rallies and became violent, now he’s footing the bill to pave the way for the next election to be stolen."

Corey vs. the shills on the Clinton News Network:
Black males set elderly white Georgia woman on fire

elderly white male known in the community for promoting Donald Trump, was brutally stabbed to death ... suspect is a young black male

To be set apart is to be given an assignment that requires preparation.