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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CULTURAL INSANITY & Russians can make the stones weep, the GOP has been exposed for what it is,&, Good luck. Monsanto wins.

“Does Our Lady say anything about radical Islam because its getting very scary out there?”

Muslim Barbarians Torture Dying Russian Soldiers From Helicopter Crash And Desecrate Their Bodies While Screaming “Allahu Akbar”


"Trump the Press is a wake-up call for these journalists and pundits
to finally listen to the American people. We’ve made our choice."

if Hillary Clinton is elected the American “experiment” is finished: "Aside from the hellacious weather and covering events in Europe, we’re both engaged in the same thing many other Americans are: watching these last hundred days or so of the 2016 presidential “campaign”. It’s every bit as bad as the weather, only we’ll have to endure it longer. For sure, this has become a blood sport witnessed in silence. If you listened to conversations at church or tuned in to the casual gossip at the hairdressers, you’d never know there was an election looming. Hillary Who? Trump What?  Crickets."

FBI Documents Reveal Orchestrated IRS Targeting, Unravel the Negligence Cover Story

the liberal media becomes more exasperated in their witch-hunt against the Republican presidential nominee.

“This comes as close as I have ever seen to cooking the results,” Caddel said. “I suppose you can get away with it in polling because there are no laws. But, if this was accounting, they would put them in jail.” 

And finally: Obama has signed the Dark Act