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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Baffled I tell you, BAFFLED: LIVE African American Church Rally for Trump, NPR all wee wee'd up, &, Berning Green Kabuki & the anti-Trump psychos

But first: White Girls, Gold & Guns

status quo neo-conservative autopilot, & the maverick radio voices we hailed as rebels who were actually globalist shills-for-hire


"The political class and the globalist controlled corrupt mainstream media are using lies and cover-ups to lead the masses directly into the voting booth in November to vote for Hillary. Once she is elected, Hillary will personally lead the sheep to slaughter."

"Meanwhile the Dems are in full panic & want this to go away. Even Obama is squirming." 9:04:11 AM PDTby DrDude

Reuters Baffled As Clinton's Lead Over Trump Suddenly Evaporates

"That solidly proves Google is evil. People ought to spread the word with that." JSFJ


anti-Trump psychos

Green Party Convention: ‘Democratic Party Does Not Give a Flying F**k About You’