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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Most Breathtaking FIX In American History, the issue is never the issue, &, John Derbyshire's Rules

Answer: Nothing: "In other words, Trump didn’t do anything outrageous for a few weeks. That’s all he needs to do from here on out – more nothing – to win in a landslide. The “Crooked Hillary” harpoon he landed a few months ago is bleeding her out. Trump’s glide path to victory involves picking his cabinet and acting serious for a few months. That’s all it will take. (Expect a few mini-outrages just for fun.)"

" 'They' don't take us for idiots, they take us for cowards..."

FBI agents believe 'inside deal' happened in Clinton email probe

“i’ll see your “faker” and raise you a “brain-dead, dried up…”.”

BLM leader lives in home owned by Soros’ Open Society board member

"the issue is never the issue, but the issue always is the revolution."

facts & stats which prove that blacks are the greatest threat to black lives, not racist white cops.

10(s) "If you find yourself in a subway car with a group of misbehaving blacks, do not ask them to relax or calm down. Do not say anything to them. Promptly leave the subway car." (rules that whites should follow as they make their way through BRA (Black-Run America)" from The Talk: Nonblack Version
(UPDATE: We know the victim is white, not because the media told us, but because there was a security camera that taped the entire assault and the video has been shown on local news. It can be seen at The Big Lie on Parade.)

the secret planting of Syrian 'refugees' in American Cities