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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Do Shooting Lies Matter?, These BAS**RDS never give up do they, So who is Alton Sterling & why doesn't BLM comment on the over 50 shootings of black people in Chicago over 4th of July Weekend

First post FBI poll: Trump DOMINATES Hillary, even with Johnson in the mix

"You are going To See Trump Supporters Become More Aggressive and Physical over Time. They Are Getting Fed-up With The Left Violent Terror groups Like SJW, Feminist , BLM, La Raza & Other Democrats that Spread Lies. Pretty Soon The Gloves Will Come Off. If You Go To a Trump Event , Go with Several Men Who are Fighters , Leave Kids at HOME And Don't Tolerate The Lefts Violence, YOU Have The Right To Defend Your Self Against Any Man Or Woman That Seeks To Do You Harm.. " meanwhile, in ITALY

"The investigation into the Falcon Heights, MN officer-involved shooting of Philando Castile has taken a sharp turn from the story we first heard in the video his girlfriend shot immediately following the incident."

"So who is Alton Sterling? For starters, liberals should know he possessed an illegal firearm. As a felon with a lengthy rap sheet, Sterling is legally prohibited from possessing a firearm. Police records show Sterling had been a member of the Bloods gang, and had a list of offenses including battery, assault, drugs and weapons charges, and owed $25,000 in child support. He was also a registered pedophile, having impregnated a 14-year-old girl when he was 20. The media, by contrast, has portrayed him as a loving father of five."

PETITION to Formally recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization.

BLM, Black homicides, the Clinton Crime Family's money laundering operation in the Clinton Foundation. 

are these people just plain nuts????

Next week: Bill screws it up!