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Friday, July 8, 2016

designed to incite civil war: what would your life be like? GO ASK VENEZUELA

Setting The Stage For Civil War In America

Did the group Black Lives Matter lead the police into the ambush?

WOW! #PhilandoCastile Was Armed Robber, Fleeing Scene

The memory hole grows ever deeper & darker.

Military Experts: HORRIFYING Details Hidden In Dallas Video; This Changes EVERYTHING!

An armed robbery suspect with a handgun on his lap – False Media Narrative Now Driving Cop Killings…

The Person Who Organized The Black Lives Matter Event, In Which Five Cops Were Slaughtered, Was An Islamic Agent

Islamic connection to DALLAS MASS MURDER OF POLICE: FBI investigating anti-police group that ATTENDED DALLAS MOSQUE

"I worked with predominantly black communities for two decades during my time as an urban school teacher. (here ya go)
Blacks DO hate whites. I heard it, saw, it, experienced it and lived it...."

"...the system is absolutely rigged. How Crooked Hillary got away with sharing TOP SECRET emails and LYING about it is just absolutely unbelievable! Crooked Hillary should be prosecuted, not running for President!"

Hillary Clinton is legally “disqualified from holding any office under the United States” due to her violation of U.S. Code Title 18 Part I Chapter 101 Section 2071.

"Now is definitely not the time to get political, Now is the time to use logic and ask ourselves, "Why do we have a Constitution? Why do we have a Second Amendment?"
They’re always saying, "You don't need a high powered weapon to hunt deer", The Constitution is not about deer hunting. It's about people being able to defend themselves from an overly aggressive government or an external invasion .... imagine 24 or 48 hours with no police – what would your life be like?"

NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY Heading to Baton Rouge to Protest “Pig Department”
FBI Issues Alert in Louisiana: Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers, Riots