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Monday, July 11, 2016

the Men & Women in BLUE, The century-old race war - “We gon’ kill all the white people.”, &, covering their tracks by a tangled web of hair-weaves

“Yes, This Is War.” When Blacks Say It, Maybe Whites Should Take Them Seriously? "When I joined the overwhelmingly male YJP in its second or third week that summer, there were 69 black kids and 13 whites. By its end, there were 65 black kids, and at most five whites. The blacks violently ran off most of the whites, including my drug-dealing roommate, but I had nowhere to go. I would lie in bed at night, and mutter to myself, “I will not let those n[deleted because of corporate censorware]s run me out of here!” "

Well, well, well… What a tangled web of hair-weaves, when the race-hustlers practice to deceive! 

meanwhile:  It is getting harder and harder for the media to defend #BlackLivesMatter with a straight face.

A Lesson in Psy-Opts.

image via pws:   "Black Liberation Theology’s most famous adherent"
The priorities of Barack Hussein, explained in a single meme…. 

Loretta, Loretta: Compassion & Love for Terrorists; Words of Encouragement for Dallas Protesters!

Ashley Yates & her #BlackLivesMatter goons

meanwhile: The Leader of Black Lives Matter is now begging white people for his bail money after he was thrown into prison.

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble
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