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Saturday, July 30, 2016

BOMBSHELL-COINCIDENCES: 17% braindead, WHAT THE HELL IS A GLASS CEILING?!, The MSM have trouble getting their lies straight, &, America knows Hillary is full of shtt.

Bernie Sanders had the entirety of his political and financial future threatened by party bosses loyal to Hillary Clinton:


Pharma & celebrities flood DNC festivities

via #CrookedHillary "According to this memo, Soros apparently believes Mrs. Clinton is more radical than Obama and would implement more of the billionaire’s objectives as president."

“I’m running against a crooked person,... a person who was just accused of being negligent…& lying. How do you lie to the FBI?” D.J.Trump

"A vote for Hillary is a vote for the end of America as we know it." 

BOMBSHELL: "Coincidentally, Rich was investigating numerous cases involving the DNC & electoral fraud, & was set to testify against Hillary Clinton in the email investigation." 

meanwhile: "This unnamed Democrat was shocked when he realized how many people were being paid to fill convention seats left empty by Democrats who left in disgust by Wikileaks revelations only days before the start of the DNC that proved the Democrat Party intentionally denied Bernie Sanders the opportunity to win his party’s nomination:..."

more meanwhile: "WFAA claims that the July 7 protest was a WGAN affair; reports at the time said that it was a BLM show."