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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"There is no statue of limitations on the truth.”: Senator Jeff Sessions - ‘Donald Trump is The New American Party’, the Doctor on the Donald, Clinton CAUGHT COLLUDING, &, Cats

Senator Jeff Sessions Interview: “Donald Trump is The New American Party” – (Full Audio)

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill to Teach People “Abortion Kills a Living Human Being”

this heinous bill: "We strongly condemn the governor, our legislature and the judges that support this bill and those who unethically use their power to impose one particular religious interpretation onto a spiritually and politically diverse body of people."

It isn’t often so much seething rage is so openly conveyed under the guise of polite language.

continuing to feel the Bern:  Poll: 1-in-5 will vote Trump; 57% are #NeverHillary

BOOM! Hillary Clinton CAUGHT COLLUDING With AP to Announce Delegate Win Before California!

Donald J. Trump Statement Regarding Trump University

Another Baltimore officer accused in Freddie Gray case sues Marilyn Mosby

If you asked the average American what is going on in Germany, Austria, France & the UK they would say everything is great.

&, coming to your neighborhood: more federally funded “diversity.”