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Saturday, June 4, 2016

the Sanders/DNC Sturmabteilung, the podium collapsed at the end of her speech, &, Keep that in mind the next time she attacks Trump

"... Libtards mistake each other for Trump supporters and beat the shit out of each other. Then, once others point out that they're on the same side, they start jumping and chanting, "BERNIE! BERNIE! BERNIE!" Can't make this shit up." Xanatos Gambit

Venezuela feels the Bern!

And here is Seyfudin Mohamud vandalizing a car before chasing down and assaulting the young Trump supporter in the streets.

a mob of Bernie supporters violently attacking Trump supporters at the San Jose rally Thursday night, chanting, “Bernie, Bernie!” 

CULVER CITY — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


Now tell me again why America doesn’t need a wall along its southern border.

Islamic State Threatens Terror Attacks in U.S., Europe

meanwhile: Record 94,708,000 Americans NOT in Labor Force

any questions!? 
......& If you need more reasons to homeschool your kids