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Sunday, June 26, 2016

THE BREXIT 2 PETITION IS A COORDINATED SCAM: the Old Grey Hag, the Dry Hobo Jerk, the fear Mongers, &, &, the Mask Drops Off in Your Face!

Whoopsie – 70% Of British Parliament Petition Signatures Demanding Another EU Referendum Don’t Live In The U.K….

"...a "remain" petition that has reached over 3 million signatures is being run by robotic scripts to artificially boost the numbers."

via JSFJ



flummoxed & spewing lotsa fear 

the “Dry Hobo Jerk” & how criminally insane this country is becoming

a 50-point attack still making sht up  OR Is Media polling a joke? Look at the sample Reuters uses

Poll – Best Candidate For Investor Confidence: Trump 50%, Clinton 33%…

"Hank Paulson, George W. Bush’s treasury secretary, who presided over both the meltdown of the U.S. economy and the subsequent bailout of his close friends and associates, has endorsed Hillary Clinton — citing his belief that she’d be more likely to enact globalist policies on trade and immigration as part of the reason for his endorsement."

little risk of Spexit

the Swiss don't want them either

meanwhile: IN ICELAND