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Thursday, June 9, 2016

MAKING PLANS TO KILL YOU - Bilderberg's Gestapo Polizei, Das Keiserreich ist wider da, Team Clinton in War mode, Tent Cities For ‘Camp Bernie’, & the fix is in

Bilderberg Cops Detain, Harass Reporters, “Mainstream Media” Nowhere to be Seen

"...Stalinist tactics like before the Wall fell down. They are slipping into a Marxist gov't. You would expect this treatment in Tijuana, Mexico...getting stopped randomly by thuggish police who can charge you with vague crimes. So surprising to see in "free" Germany." ― Admiral Semmes/13 hours ago

LoL.... Ich befehle du gehorchen... welcome to the land of the SS.... Das Keiserreich ist wider da ... The EU dictatorship at its finest here. Coerce and intimidate people that try to interview people and discuss something so secret and nefarious and NOT in the interests of the people. So rather than let the press etc.. talk to people, discuss the meeting taking place, they intimidate and harass them.. SEHR GUT GEMACHT SCHLAND... VORBILDLICH... LOL... Ist euer volk so FEIG das die solchen scheiss gedulden?
zuriman86/39 minutes ago

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” ― Henry Kissinger

RUSSIA could steamroll NATO forces in just 60 hours
"The alarming claim comes as Russia has deployed troops westward as part of its ongoing stand-off with NATO."

meanwhile, in MEXICO, VENEZUELA


Let the 2016 general election begin!

Friends, the fix is in: they want to throw the election to the Democrats.

"The sources said that the account "completely negates" Clinton's slam on Donald Trump that he lacks the temperament to be president."

We’re not going to screw around: Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, Clinton Cash, Deposition, “verbatim theater” 

But he's not quite ready to go yet: the Occupy DNC movement plans Tent Cities For ‘Camp Bernie’