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Monday, June 6, 2016

black undertow, partisan greed & remedial ethics 101, No conflict of interest here, the Bulldog bites Elijah the serial leaker, &, Cassius & crazy god

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"and muslims have killed over 150 million black people. true facts. it was muslims who sold black people to white people for slavery." John Hope ~ via BNI

In the Obama era, every thing that goes wrong is unexpected. 

Hmmmm. The San Jose police chief who allowed Trump supporters to be physically assaulted has ties to La Raza. 
Move along, folks. No conflict of interest here

Gowdy Releases Report Proving Dem Insiders Obstructed Benghazi Investigation

CNN just got exposed by Black activists for lying about Trump!

& IT GETS BETTER!!Justice Department lawyers also asked Judge Andrew S. Hanen not to force thousands of attorneys to take remedial ethics classes