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Saturday, May 7, 2016

The UniParty exposed, 'HARMLESS' DHS GAS DRILL in NYC subway system, Goofus the faux Indian, Kelo revisited, &,

The Swiss Guard and the “Combat Rosary

"Who could put these things in motion? Who could invent them? A man? No, this is not the work of a human being.

"total crone Hillaristas! Romney, Ryan and the Bushes WANT hillary to win! Do those Sanders voters really want to support the preferred candidate of the GOP elite?" #8 grania
(Shock Poll: Paul Ryan could lose House seat to Nehlen in primary)

in deep-blue Oregon: "...and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful." 

about 'those women': "...she received threats against herself & against her children by name." 
.... about her


2nd *sigh*

"It is a well known and documented fact that Warren lied to Harvard on her minority application claiming to be of Native American descent. She is a liar and took that spot away from someone whose family was probably sent on the Trail of Tears from Georgia to Oklahoma. Another useless, power hungry liar! Bring on the guillotine!" Proud Texan

Editor’s note: Trump is not “anti-immigrant.” Donald Trump is anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. There’s a gigantic difference between the two and Ryan knows that.

Subway riders have no need to panic over the gas; it’s only a test.

Kelo v New London revisited: "You left out two things bro.
1. Federal judges including Barack Hussein's nominees such as the wise latina Sotomeyor also supported Kelo on the grounds that confiscation of property is okay if it had any benefits to the community. Kagel also supported Kelo and I think Gerrick Garland or whoever his name was was okay with it.
2. While poor people especially poor minorities will suffer, the ruling will favor minority groups with special privileges. Expect whitey to have his white butt thrown out of his neighborhood to make way for new low income projects for illegal aliens. Also we can expect under Bernie Sanders to see upscale housing torn down and replaced for environmental reasons or for reasons like diversity."