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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Prophecy ~ THE PROXIMITY OF THE GREAT WARNING: Everywhere you look are the signs of My coming. TRULY, I AM AT THE DOOR..

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Take this to heart My children for this is very serious. 5/10/16

THE PROXIMITY OF THE GREAT WARNING: I PROTECT YOU AS YOU ADVANCE TOWARDS OUR ENCOUNTER.... No creature will pass before Me without being judged, not even the most exulted one on Earth.

Pray, My children, pray for Puerto Rico;
the water will rise over this land.

Pray, My children, pray for the United States;
they have hosted world citizens, and live with them in degeneration.
The power in the land is not My Power.

Pray; this nation will suffer because of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean;the East Coast is cleansed of its sin. Nature acts.

Pray, My children; Mexico will suffer; its land will tremble;
violence intensifies; these People will be oppressed.

Pray, children, pray for Europe; it will suffer strong attacks
by those who rebel against Europe.
Spain will give up My Temples to the abomination.

Italy will nestle in My Temples the music that calls the devil,
and he arrives with terror and dread. Bulgaria will suffer.

Children, My People, do not wait, the instant is …
Revelaciones Marianas 5/11/16

"The world will be renewed, so that Heavenly peace will be sent to earth. Be courageous and tell people to change and to pray. We are always with you, my Son and me. Be at peace." 4/8/16

Pray, pray, pray.  Make sacrifices and penance for sinners.  I give you my motherly blessing. Message from Our Blessed Mother 5/4/16