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Thursday, May 5, 2016

& on the other side of the pond: Londonistan calling; schlonged! & Trust me, you will learn to love Donald J. Trump.

London mayoral election voter fraud?

UK elections: Zac Goldsmith most likely to lose out after Barnet voting failures fraud

More Florida voter fraud? 3000 registrations list UPS stores as residence

2. "The ad shows that Trump is disliked by the Republican establishment. But that is his appeal, not his flaw. Trump already “fired” the losers in the video who are attacking him. Do you believe anything you hear from a disgruntled employee who just got fired?" ... The arrogance is gobsmacking.  ... & then he gets schlonged!

"I almost puked, but instead wrote:"Those who managed to pivot to Romney are a symptom of the problem. WE who refused to VOTE for Romney or Obama had the greatest impact on events and ultimately on America's history, because we helped to create the painful circumstances for the exposures of the last four years. The people who did not vote are the people who were heard.
I cannot respect anyone who voted for a known Globalist Puppet out of fear of another Globalist Puppet. Muslim Obama or Mormon Obama - GIVE ME A BREAK. You do all who support the non-Globalist America FIRST Nationalist Donald J. Trump a disservice with such a comparison. 
Rather, encourage the Cruzers to do the research,...."  "