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Thursday, May 19, 2016

National Geographic: “Nothing like Medjugorje has ever happened in the history of the world”, & Prophecy

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....Pray for the lost. Pray for those who will die suddenly. Pray for the ones who mock and scoff at His watchmen, for the most powerful weapon we have is prayer. He hears our cries for those we love, and He knows our hearts. 5/17/16

... Lead others back to the fold by your example. Do not lecture them. Be gentle. Speak kindly. Do not judge them for this is not your place. When they are ready to hear the Truth, I will open their hearts to accept it. I will transform them before your very eyes. Pray, My Little Ones. Pray for time is of the essence. Jabez 5/15/16

....Angels have been dispatched to all ends of the Earth in order to guide the Lost. My Chosen Sons, and Daughters are faithful to Me. Support them by your prayers. Fast, Beloved. Fast, and pray. This is all I ask of you. 5/14/16

.... Satan will be defeated. Simply hope in Me. Pray, Beloved. Pray without ceasing. Increase your prayer time. Kneel before Me in all humility,  and never doubt My love for you. I command miracles to come your way. I command miracles for the Just. 5/12/16