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Friday, May 6, 2016

interesting, right?, Hebrew for cross-dressing & Arabic for God, Demons, depression & organophosphate

Lobbyists struggle with Trump reality "...the shock of Trump’s victory in the Republican race, which included beating out 16 other more politically experienced candidates, has not worn off. “As a Republican, I'm depressed,” said Tom Korologos, a strategic adviser for DLA Piper and alum of several presidential administrations who supported Jeb Bush and then John Kasich during the race."

…. Meet at the Old Mill, We Ride At Midnight !

"...the American people have spoken in state after state after state. They’ve made their choice. It is petulant, arrogant, disrespectful—and in many senses dangerous—to our representative system of government to tell people across this nation who took the time to cast a vote, ‘Sorry, I’m not cool with your choice.’ It is for the people to decide who they want to lead, not for one man or a cabal of party elites.

"If you’ve noticed, when a candidate decides to get out of the race, he or she announces they are “suspending” their campaigns, they don’t say they are ended them. The use of the word ‘suspend” is not by chance.

"Fingers firmly crossed that Trump knows what he's doing."

"Hillary is going to exit running due to a 'serious health related issue' very soon. Mark my words." Calvin Denali

Orthodox Child with Rare Ailment is Rescued Aboard Tycoon’s Jet: "We believe in God & we have hope,”

Navy SEAL DESTROYS Hillary: ‘You’re An Ignorant Liar’

In conservative Jerusalem: " "Allah Nash", a group whose name plays upon the Hebrew for cross-dressing & the Arabic for God."

as they say in Jerusalem:  "So what's the worst that can happen? 

on the other side of the Pond: "Outrage is growing on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean following a massive new leak of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a globalist “trade” agreement negotiated between the Obama administration and the European Union."

meanwhile, In Badi (MADHYA PRADESH): Demons, depression & organophosphate