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Thursday, May 5, 2016

"I know this country can be restored, because it was founded on God.", Camille's moment of gender vertigo, LYIN' RYAN & the Truth Resurrection, Soldiers of Odin USA

can I hear an AMEN!: "Copley deeply believes in trusting God’s plan. "That child, had it gone full term, means our second child wouldn't have been born," he said. "God is faithful. We celebrate four children, me and Lauren — we celebrate the three we have now, while we wait to meet the fourth again." 
"When asked about the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Copley said of Donald Trump, "I would be very interested to hear what Mr. Trump has to say about our region. I've seen several interviews where he says the right thing. I pray to the Lord to make the right decision about voting for our next president."

LYIN' RYAN & the Truth Resurrection: "Asked why he was running, said Nehlen: "What lit my fuse was an article that was up on Breitbart and it was up on Breitbart because Sen. Jeff Sessions had gone and read the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership and he reported it and you guys reported it. Nobody else reported on it. And I read that as a businessman. I run businesses all around the United States, all around the globe … I’ve closed factories in Mexico and brought those jobs back to the United States. I’ve closed factories in Canada and brought those jobs back to the United States. I did this. I said to my wife, I’m going to run for Congress." " 

on how vengeful Clinton staffers trashed the White House when Vice-President Al Gore lost to George W Bush in 2000.

& huffpo flashback 06/15/2015 

Hillary Clinton is a reflexive liar. 
.... & has no clue on how to handle Trump & is terrified.

 "Trump has knocked the stilts out from the GOP establishment and crushed the pretensions of a battalion of political commentators on both the Left and Right. Portraying him as a vile racist, illiterate boob, or the end of civilization as we know it hasn’t worked because his growing supporters are genuinely motivated by rational concerns about border security and bad trade deals. Whether Trump, with his erratic impulses and gratuitous crudities, can morph toward statesmanship remains to be seen. We don’t need another bumbling rube like George W. Bush, who bizarrely ambushed German chancellor Angela Merkel by grabbing and massaging her shoulders from behind as she was seated at a G8 Summit meeting in St. Petersburg in 2006.  The aerial view of Trump at Burlingame gave me a moment of gender vertigo.

Andrea Tantaros: Trump Is Getting 'Disaffected Male Vote'

Compelling Mexico to Pay for the Wall

The Soldiers of Odin USA: "Their mission can be summed up in a message posted on that private Facebook page where it states that the Soldiers of Odin USA “stands in opposition to the hoards [sic] of ‘refugees’ that have invaded Europe and will soon be coming to America, bringing massive waves of rape and crime with them… We say no!” "