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Saturday, April 30, 2016

revolting against the Mormon Cruz backer, "Ted was the top policy advisor for G.W.Bush", KENYA BUILDS A WALL, Baghdad In Chaos

Fast forward to the present  1. "From his earliest days in the Senate, I began hearing stories from Capitol Hill insiders that he was untrustworthy, back stabbing, opportunistic, without conscience, deceptive, dishonest. I was hearing from those whose judgment I trust and value that Ted Cruz was not how he presented himself to the Tea Party."

The Blaze burns: major layoffs as ratings sink, staff revolts against Beck and Cruz 

Without Senator Ted Cruz there wouldn’t be TPA.   " Ted Cruz is part of the Wall Street purchased construct that is currently infecting our entire body politic. The connections to the U.S. CoC legislative agenda, and Goldman Sachs are evident within action not words, along with KtP and obviously his wife Heidi Cruz [ employed by Goldman Sachs, and adviser to Council on Foreign Relations]." 

KENYA builds wall along Somali border to keep out the al-Shabaab Muslim terrorists

Obama Refusing To Evacuate US Embassy, Baghdad In Chaos Over Revolution “There is no evacuation for the American staff inside the American embassy,”