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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

let Reince Prebus know that NY will not tollerate diebold cheating software, LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Rome, NY (4-12-16)

"So, Mr. Ream-us, here’s the conundrum: the SCOTUS has determined that crimes against the Constitution are deemed to be treason.

Colorado Voters Push Back – Protest Rally Scheduled for Friday 3:00pm…

"Lots of complaints from the Utah caucuses and also from Wiscon­sin about voting machines chang­ing people’s votes after they cast them. Now we find this story and a video very carefully documented showing the Diebold machines appar­ently pre-programmed to produce a prede­ter­mined result. Watch the faces on this voting precinct staff as they realize they are doing all this for nothing:"

Trump won Missouri fair & square. Despite Cruz attemps to cheat & steal.

Soros is behind the electronic voting machines in Utah.

BREAKING: Cruz Camp Caught Cheating in St. Louis County to Steal Delegates from Trump

WOW! Trump’s Lead Surges to 60% in New York State – Tops Ted Cruz by 46 Points!