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Friday, April 1, 2016

This is not an April Fools’ joke: "It's 4AM, I can't sleep & this is what I woke up thinking about.", Michelle Fields' Fake Bruises, &, Benny the Shill

"There are more of us than the media can image.

does the GOP think they'll come out for a generic Republican?

Quinnipiac Poll Gives Donald Trump Commanding 36-point Lead in New York GOP Primary

bob68 - 2 days ago

Hello Trumpster,

How's that article on the absolute absence of any vetting of presidential candidates and zero security background check requirements for the president, vice-president, members of Congress and Supreme Court Justices going? The FACT that the president and VP can employ anyone they want without any security background check being required explains Valerie Jarrett, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama's Czars and other anti-American scumbags at the highest levels of America’s government. It also uncovers how Obama could have been a member of the US Senate as a stepping stone to usurping the presidency. No background check was ever required ...if it had been he would never have passed. There are many others in Congress who also would not have not had a prayer of passing even the lowest level security background check. The commander-in-chief of America’s military and their nuclear arsenal can be, literally, America’s enemy and right now it is. There is zero protection against this happening and it's been made this way by elected members of Congress and the elected presidents. The people we put in office to protect the Constitution intentionally set up a system to take down America. If this is not changed, even if we briefly interrupt the rush toward One World Government, a North American Union and loss of America’s sovereignty, it is inevitable we will still wind up there in the future. They intentionally set up a system ripe for takeover from the inside out and that is exactly what happened. Trump being elected scares the hell out of both parties because they believe he, Sheriff Joe and those Trump appoints will completely reveal how and why the treasonous bastards acted to destroy our nation.

That is why the panic to stop a Trump presidency and it is why Trump is our last hope to make America great again.
It's 4AM, I can't sleep and this is what I woke up thinking about.

Links to the ease at which America can be infiltrated from the inside out:
http://fas.org/sgp/crs/secrecy/R43216.pdf page 7

BREAKING: Medical Expert Latest Video Proves Michelle Fields Faked Bruises?

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