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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"I love it, the guy plays nasty... And you weenies call him a kid.. He is the smartest man in the room... You JUST DON'T GET IT."

Lord of the Flies: Internal Meltdown at Fox News over Trump Coverage

"And yet the majority of Americans agree with him...

With one vote for Trump I can vote against Ryan, Pelosi, Mitch, Harry, Boehner, Bill & Hillary, Obama, Mittens, Kerry and the Republican Elite.

Who could pass that up?

It is an election; this is not new or complicated. It goes back far beyond Reagan's position: the federal government is the problem, not the solution. For years the chattering class said that the Tea Party was just two people and both were mentally impaired. They were not even smart enough to get an IRS tax exception. And gimme more money.

There are now millions of Americans who no longer believe any politician. Experts have lied to them repeatedly. Nothing happens. "Things are so screwed up that we gotta try something else." is the cry. Trump is today's answer. His greatest strengths are that he is not a politician and no one can buy him.

You have to really love this, I mean seriously, look at the rukus Trump is causing in the media world, with other candidates... he is turning everything on it's ear.

Seeing all this proves to me he is the man for the job because he will need to turn Washington on it's ear to fix the big issues that plague this country.

How many Senators and Congressmen need a good public embarrassing to get them into line? Imagine Trump exposing them one by one for the fools they are right in front of their constituents faces. That won't bode so well when they seek reelection. Watch how fast they get their acts together and behave nicely.

Look at the crap poor Roger is having to deal with, in his case, the public humiliation of a multi-billion dollar network.. That's a pretty big feat to accomplish if you ask me. Trump has single-handedly turned FOX news into amateur hour and is ripping it to shreds. FOX is in complete chaos at the moment.

Macy's coped it, ESPN coped it, Univision is facing a 500 Million dollar lawsuit... ... Even NASCAR ended up looking the fool in their dust up with Trump.

With all the arrows being thrown, Trump is still the 20,000 pound Gorilla in the room bashing heads.

We need to give him the nickname of "King Cong"

I love it, the guy plays nasty... And you weenies call him a kid.. He is the smartest man in the room... You JUST DON'T GET IT.

.... Not to mention all of this has been THE MOST BRILLIANT marketing strategy of all time. Hundreds of millions of dollars in free air time... And some of you think he is a bafoon.... Some of you really need to WTFU and pay attention to what is really going on. The man definitely is not stupid.

The corrupt DC political class tells us... Waaaaaaaa, we caaaaan't, we caaaaan't do this, we caaaaan't do that, we caaaaan't build a wall... Our political class has turned into a buncha whiny, thumb-sucking eunuchs.

Donald Trump says...
We CAN build a wall!
We CAN deport illegals!
We CAN get our jobs back!
We CAN have a strong mlitary!
We CAN stop the Iran nuke deal!
We CAN stop illegal immigration!
We CAN take care of our veterans!
We CAN control our trade agreements!
We CAN stop spending money we don't have!
We CAN prosecute and jail Hillary Clinton!"