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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Donald Trump Rally, Bethpage New York – 7:00pm Live, New bombshell is set to rock the Wisconsin primary: All's fair in smearing Trump, FUN CRUZ FACT #1,

I hope you are aware of this. I was 5 feet from Priebus when he said "Use the diebold program in NY to keep Trump under 50%"

"About the infamous Diebold Voting Machines set up to switch votes at believable levels so the preferred candidate doesn’t draw too much attention with a surprise win.
Useful for vote-flipping in the 49-51% range.
Between Sctlyl and Diebold our elections are completely rigged.
Download and read the book, complete with testimony from the Chinese programmer who built the first model.
In use since 2003."

Donald Trump Rally, Bethpage New York – 7:00pm Live Stream…

"Our organization reaches out to candidates regularly. Many of these conversations are off the record. But in fairness, let me make clear that Mr. Trump did not break any commitments to speak to me or any gathering I organize. On the contrary, I have had very friendly and fruitful interactions with him and members of his team and look forward to continuing that dynamic," Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

"Sometime in the intervening 16 years, Trump became fully pro-life.
You can say you don't believe him -- just as you might say you don't believe Cruz has truly changed his mind on amnesty, the wall, or the Trans-Pacific Partnership, etc. But to claim Trump is pro-choice today -- present tense -- is what's known as a "lie."  "

New bombshell is set to rock the Wisconsin primary.The essence of what we are talking about is people have something to hide and a judiciary that is actively working to maintain the current state of affairs through outright criminal methods.”