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Friday, April 1, 2016


 “Let us return to our religious beginnings and become, once again, a nation under God.” 10/25/13 The Decline of America - Mary

It will not be stopped now ... The Truth! ... satan was given 100 years to destroy the Truth ... the weapon he chose was 'words' ... how fitting; 
The Lord God created ALL when he spoke 'the Word'. 

The real 'Victims' of abortion are the innocent unborn. 

... & THIS is your 'freedom of choice'. 

yours in Jesus & Mary, the little brother

Donald Trump & the True “Victims” of Abortion

'By these words, you will know that I want not only the life of the unborn but also the life of America itself. I will be with you in this great enterprise. Your abortion foes are weak. They have much money and great political power but they do not possess the truth that an unborn child is a person. By this truth their cause can be mortally wounded, and they know this.'

"I have drawn my sword of division against America. .. 
I will divide America from head to toe. All will be division.

I do this, America, because you have drawn your sword against your unborn. They have never lived to see their own country. Why should I allow the mothers, the fathers, the doctors, the politicians, those who made money and all those who have voted for abortion to enjoy a peaceful America?

When America puts away forever its sword of abortion, 

Florida defunds Planned Parenthood, bans sale of aborted babies’ organs