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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

WTFU AMERICA - DEFCON TRUMP: the cartel & their minions, election theft by shadow software, OR, how are we manipulated??, let me count the ways!

Some Republicans Could Back Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump "Fox News Channel anchor Bret Baier said it’s possible (perhaps, maybe-but-i-don't-know, coulda-mighta) that some (no names of course) Republicans will vote for Hillary Clinton just to stop Donald Trump from taking over the party."
“Listen (really!!! i mean it!!!), there are Republicans in Washington who are privately (translate: no credible source) saying that already,” Baier told TheWrap on Monday. “Maybe some don’t publicly say it, but I think (more like conjure) there are some (there ARE...i mean it) who are that adamant (adamant i tell you) about it who would.”
"We caught up with Baier to discuss how this event came together, what he plans to ask and if he thinks anti-Donald Trump Republicans would vote for Clinton in the general election."  OK AMERICA, so....what have you come away w/???... no names, no sources,...only a take-Trump-down operative spewing rumors & smears. OH, & just to be sure it has full click-worthy impact, the headline from Drudge: FOXNEWS SHOCK: REPUBLICANS WOULD VOTE FOR HILLARY OVER TRUMP!  notice the change... 'could' suddenly becomes 'WOULD'!

"Willard...you are a despicable robber baron plutocrat...STFU."

here's Newt 'bohemianclub' Gingrich saying Donald John is not part of the secret societies

Michigan Mayor: DNC Tried To Kick Me Out Of Dem Debate For Cheering On Bernie

meanwhile, the Latest Polls just so everyone's clear on who's really winning

FL GOP: Bay News/SurveyUSA (3/4-6/16) 
Trump 42 
Rubio 22 
Cruz 17 
Kasich 10

"It looks like the Ted Cruz dirty tricks train has become so desperate to win something that they no longer are trying to work the gray areas of the law, but have gone over into full scale rogue behavior.
Iowa was an act of desperation. It was clearly voter fraud. Not only that, but Ted Cruz has admitted it and apologized for it."