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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

VAXXED & Tribeca diminished, Lobbyists, superdelegates, foreign governments, & TRUMP ANGST O MY!!, James P. Ryan threw 'a joke' up on Facebook &,

Hillary backing gun control supporter & the ‘Guns at RNC’ Petition "Mr. Ryan is, in fact, a Hillary supporter. He told the Observer, “I’m a liberal Democrat. I like Bernie a lot. I’ve donated to Bernie, I’ve donated to Hillary. I’m supporting Hillary, but I’m not a Hillary supporter in the sense that I’m carrying petitions.” "

"Lobbyists in Washington say they are being flooded with questions & concerns from foreign governments about the rise of Donald Trump...“People are confused and perplexed.” & urgent-sounding text messages from a sovereign government client overseas.

ANY QUESTIONS:  "Superdelegates are not involved in the Republican Party nomination process."& Bill Clinton is also a superdelegate!!

"I think .. when all the dust settles .. the inexplicable and completely unwarranted decision .. to remove VAXX from the Tribeca Film Festival .. will eventually serve to FOREVER diminish the hard-earned reputation of the Tribeca Film Festival.."