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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Willard's Revenge: Super Tuesday revealed two important facts, The agenda has been transparent from the outset, &, From Reid's lips to God's ear.

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Super Tuesday revealed two important facts: Fact 1: Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential Nominee. Fact 2: Wherever Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz goes with their elite crooks, massive vote fraud takes place. 

Romney Will Attempt to “Dislodge” Trump on Thursday Before Republican Debate

♦ "So now there is a superpac to get rid of Trump. I guess the establishment forgot that they forced McCain and Romney down our throats and we had to vote with our noses plugged. Now they should just do the same." ....2 hour ago

♦ "I agree I agree I agree!! Here we are, We, the People, voting in a primary and we chose who we want. Then the GOP decides they don't like our guy and look for ways to get rid of him! What's wrong with this picture!" Wild Irish Rose 1 hour ago 

NOT SO FAST "Once you see the strings on the marionettes it’s impossible to go back to a time when you don’t see them any longer !"

“They Will Wait and See What President Trump Will Do”

Healthcare Reform to Make America Great Again