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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Satan's Fears on the Night Jesus was Betrayed & Arrested † Sister Mary of Agreda † Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich † Locutions to the World



494. Our Redeemer and Master left the house of the Cenacle with all
the men, who had been present at the celebration of the mysterious
Supper; and soon many of them dispersed in the different streets in
order to attend to their own affairs. Followed by his twelve Apostles, 
the Lord directed his steps toward mount Olivet outside and close to
the eastern walls of Jerusalem. Judas, alert in his treacherous
solicitude for the betrayalof his divine Master, conjectured that Jesus
intended to pass the night in prayer as was his custom. This appeared
him a most opportune occasion for delivering his Master into the
hands of his confederates, the scribes and the pharisees. Having taken
this dire resolve, he lagged behind and  permitted the Master and his
Apostles to proceed. Unnoticed by the latter  he lost them from view
and departed in all haste to his own ruin and destruction. Within him
was the turmoil of sudden fear and anxiety, interior witnesses of the
wicked deed he was about to commit. Driven on in the stormy
hurricane of thoughts raised by his bad conscience, he arrived
breathless at the house of the high priests. On the way it happened, that
Lucifer, perceiving the haste of Judas procuring the death of Jesus
Christ, and (as I have related in chapter the tenth), fearing that after all


might be the true Messias, came toward him in the shape of a very
wicked man, a friend of Judas acquainted with the intended betrayal. In
this shape Lucifer could speak Judas without being recognized. He tried
to persuade him that this project of selling his Master did at first seem
advisable on account of the wicked deeds attributed to Jesus; but that,
having more maturely considered the matter, he did not now deem it
advisable to deliver Him over to the priests and pharisees; for Jesus was
not so bad as Judas might imagine; nor did He deserve death; and
besides  He might free Himself by some miracles and involve his
betrayer into great difficulties. Thus Lucifer, seized by new fear, sought
to counteract the suggestions with which he had previously filled the
heart of the perfidious disciple against his Author.  He hoped to confuse
his victim; but his new villainy was in vain. For Judas, having
voluntarily  lost his faith and not being troubled by any such strong
suspicions as  Lucifer, preferred to take his Master s life rather than to encounter the wrath of the pharisees for permitting Him to live
unmolested. Filled with this fear and his abominable avarice, he took no
account of the counsel of Lucifer, although he had no suspicion of his
not being the friend, whose shape the devil had assumed. Being stripped
of grace he neither desired, nor could be persuaded by any one, to turn
back in his malice.
The priests, having heard that the Author of life was Jerusalem, had
gathered to consult about the promised betrayal. Judas entered and told
them that he had left his Master with the other disciples on their way to
mount Olivet; that this seemed to be the most favorable occasion for his
arrest, since on this night they had already made sufficient preparation
and taken enough precaution to prevent his escaping their hands by his


and cunning tricks. The sacrilegious priests were rejoiced and began to
busy themselves to procure an armed force for the arrest of the most
innocent Lamb.

Locutions ~ August 22, 2012 

The Last Supper

This was the night, the special night when all that had been promised would be given over. I would give over myself into the hands of my apostles by the mystery of my Body and Blood, and I would be handed over by Judas into the hands of my enemies.

How great were the emotions in my soul, as if the Father’s hand was moving me along in a mighty stream to which I continually said “yes”. The supper was like a drama that would be lived out millions of times until the end of history. First, the apostles had to be cleansed by my washing their feet. Then, the group itself had to be cleansed by my confronting Judas, who went out into the night.

Finally, the great gift could be given. “Take and eat. This is my Body. Take and drink, this is the chalice of my Blood of the new covenant which will be shed for many. Do this in memory of me”. The gift was complete. The apostles had been anointed with the Spirit. This would become “the breaking of the bread”, the central moment of the New Covenant. However, I had not yet paid the price, the “shedding of my blood”. That was awaiting me, but they did not realize the other events of this special night. 

Jesus in the Garden of Olives

I saw the cavern in which he was kneeling filled with frightful figures; I saw all the sins, wickedness, vices, and ingratitude of mankind torturing and crushing him to the earth; the horror of death and terror which he felt as man at the sight of the expiatory sufferings about to come upon him, surrounded and assailed his Divine Person under the forms of hideous spectres. He fell from side to side, clasping his hands; his body was covered with a cold sweat, and he trembled and shuddered. He then arose, but his knees were shaking and apparently scarcely able to support him; his countenance was pale, and quite altered in appearance, his lips white, and his hair standing on end. It was about half-past ten o’clock when he arose from his knees, and, bathed in a cold sweat, directed his trembling, weak footsteps towards his three Apostles. With difficulty did he ascend the left side of the cavern, and reach a spot where the ground was level, and where they were sleeping, exhausted with fatigue, sorrow and anxiety. He came to them, like a man overwhelmed with bitter sorrow, whom terror urges to seek his friends, but like also to a good shepherd, who, when warned of the approach of danger, hastens to visit his flock, the safety of which is threatened; for he well knew that they also were being tried by suffering and temptation. The terrible visions never left him, even while he was thus seeking his disciples. When he found that they were asleep, he clasped his hands and fell down on his knees beside them, overcome with sorrow and anxiety, and said: ‘Simon, sleepest: thou?’ They awoke, and raised him up, and he, in his desolation of spirit, said to them: 'What? Could you not watch one hour with me?’ When they looked at him, and saw him pale and exhausted, scarcely able to support himself, bathed in sweat, trembling and shuddering,—when they heard how changed and almost inaudible his voice had become, they did not know what to think, and had he not been still surrounded by a well-known halo of light, they would never have recognised him as Jesus. John said to him: ‘Master, what has befallen thee? Must I call the other disciples? Ought we to take to flight?’ Jesus answered him: ‘Were I to live, teach, and perform miracles for thirty-three years longer, that would not suffice for the accomplishment of what must be fulfilled before this time tomorrow. Call not the eight; I did not bring them hither, because they could not see me thus agonising without being scandalised; they would yield to temptation, forget much of the past, and lose their confidence in me. But you, who have seen the Son of Man transfigured, may also see him under a cloud, and in dereliction of spirit; nevertheless, watch and pray, lest ye fall into temptation, for the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.’

Jesus before Pilate

These cruel men had many times scourged poor criminals to death at this pillar. They resembled wild beasts or demons, and appeared to be half drunk. They struck our Lord with their fists, and dragged him by the cords with which he was pinioned, although he followed them without offering the least resistance, and, finally, they barbarously knocked him down against the pillar. This pillar, placed in the centre of the court, stood alone, and did not serve to sustain any part of the building; it was not very high, for a tall man could touch the summit by stretching out his arm; there was a large iron ring at the top, and both rings and hooks a little lower down. It is quite impossible to describe the cruelty shown by these ruffians towards Jesus: they tore off the mantle with which he had been clothed in derision at the court of Herod, and almost threw him prostrate again.

Jesus trembled and shuddered as he stood before the pillar, and took off his garments as quickly as he could, but his hands were bloody and swollen. The only return he made when his brutal executioners struck and abused him was to pray for them in the most touching manner: he turned his face once towards his Mother, who was standing overcome with grief; this look quite unnerved her: she fainted, and would have fallen, had not the holy women who were there supported her. Jesus put his arms round the pillar, and when his hands were thus raised, the archers fastened them to the iron ring which was at the top of the pillar; they then dragged his arms to such a height that his feet, which were tightly bound to the base of the pillar, scarcely touched the ground. Thus was the Holy of holies violently stretched, without a particle of clothing, on a pillar used for the punishment of the greatest criminals; and then did two furious ruffians who were thirsting for his blood begin in the most barbarous manner to scourge his sacred body from head to foot. The whips or scourges which they first made use of appeared to me to be made of a species of flexible white wood, but perhaps they were composed of the sinews of the ox, or of strips of leather.

Locutions ~ March 19, 2014 

Satan’s prize is to destroy Israel, that Holy Land where he suffered his great defeat and that city which still contains the redeeming Blood of Jesus.

Locutions ~ april 7, 2014


Soon, the only option that will exist is war, the final battle between heaven and hell which will take place on earth and within human history.