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Thursday, March 31, 2016

PROPHECY ~ the hour has arrived for the immediate conversion of humanity, this is the hour of my mercy, &, Terri Schiavo

Edson Glauber ~ Urgent Message from Our Lady 3/13/16

Peace be with you, my beloved son!

Behold your Immaculate Mother who comes from heaven to tell you that the hour has arrived for the immediate conversion of humanity, which will be shaken by great and painful events. My maternal heart is apprehensive and embittered by swords of pain. My children, many of you are doing little and laugh at my messages, scorning them and leaving them aside. What will become of you when the great chastisement comes from the sky and befalls you? Who will be able to defend you when divine justice touches humanity with such force?

I suffer because of those who refuse the opportunity to convert and change their lives. Many of my children are blind, they have allowed themselves to be seduced by Satan and their hearts seek and crave only [nothing but] the lies and the pleasures of the world. How many souls destroyed by sin! How many are walking towards the eternal abyss, without thinking [even] a little about eternity, in order that they might repent of their errors.

This is the time when the devil has obtained much room to lead many of my children to error and spiritual death. Pray, my son, pray and intercede for the good of humanity. The Eternal Father is indignant because of the continual offenses committed against his Divine Son: so many sacrileges, profanities and outrages are being committed in the world.

Very soon Italy and the United States will be punished in a way never seen [before]. A great light, like fire, will be visible in the sky of Italy. Pain and sorrow will be great, and when this happens only the rosary and my maternal Heart will provide hope, refuge and protection for many. Italy will be shaken because men did not respect what is owed to God, did not honour his Holy Name, did not obey his Holy Laws. Enormous pain will also come quickly in the United States, causing a particular region to be practically destroyed.

I want to help you my children, I want to protect you. Take refuge in my Immaculate Heart, ask for my maternal help and immediately I will come to help you. And what can be said of the Brazilian people, a people who do not pray and do not respect the Commandments of God, nor the holy days, but that fill stadiums, bathing resorts and many other places simply in order that they might amuse themselves and offend the Lord.

The days of happiness will be exchanged for days of blood, crying and death. Only those who have welcomed my appeals and prayed as I asked them are those who, by Divine order, will be preserved in the evil days. Where respect for God's name and the sacred does not exist, blood will come; where God's has been banished death will arrive; where God is no longer remembered or invoked, the suffering will be terrible.

Pray, pray, pray much, my Brazilian children, because the days are urgent! .... Wake up and return to the Lord! This is my appeal, my son, this is my message that I convey to you with my Heart full of pain and sorrow, because I have not been welcomed, have not been understood, have not been loved or invoked as my Son asked you, and much more, because I have been scorned and disrespected by many who hurt my Heart terribly, drawing the justice of my Divine Son.

Turn back, ask the Lord for forgiveness. He will forgive you if you sincerely repent and change your lives. I bless you [singularly] as well as the whole world: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Beloved children, with the instant comes the collapse of two heavenly bodies. This event will be seen in the sky by all; then each human creature, in his soul, conscience and essence, will see all the evil he has committed and the good he has failed to do. Revelaciones Marianas ~ March 26th, 2016

Message of Jesus through Giulio Massa- March 30th, 2016

My son, much of humanity has become weighed down by a burden of perversion, of violence, of the thirst for power, of destruction. This burden has all been put on one side of the earth, increasingly weighing it down, to the point that the world is beginning to rock because of power, choking and violating the oppressed, the defenceless.

The earth is Mine, the earth is My granary and you have understood nothing. You have changed everything into a barren desert, you have not accepted [contented yourselves with] the necessities that I have given you. You have continued in blindness, you have gone ahead, deaf to my continual appeal!

At the culmination of this exodus*, and already almost at the finishing line, you have not found anything belonging to the Truth, to true happiness. Your bodies are empty but heavy, because useless.

You have not been capable of accepting all the invitations to the joy that only I can offer in my peace and my love. I have searched for you and still do, but have found only loneliness and incomprehension. I ardently desired to die out of love of each one of you, in order for you to be reborn in my living love at My Holy Resurrection, and even today I receive your indifference, your negligence and your hatred towards the love that I sacrificed.

You are still killing Me: every time you doubt my love, when you market the good things of God that He gives gratuitously; when your pride and arrogance crush the innocent and the weak; when you appropriate God's gift [for yourself**], because nothing comes from man; when you appropriate My work, because I am the builder and I have given you My plan.

Be poor, humble, do not condemn those who bear my glad tidings. I speak through those who are poor, humble, charitable, through those who struggle for justice in favour of the weak, I work in them in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit, and I dwell in them. I visit many homes that have opened their doors to doing the will of My Father.

You are all brothers, you are not different [from one another], you are children of the same Father.

Tell me: Why is it difficult for you to recognize your Father in the gift of My Love which manifests itself in the world? Truly, I say to you: "Today you have no more time" - I am coming once more to ask you for an answer.

I am speaking with signs of love, of peace, of suffering, in the heavens as on earth; I speak through the violence of the unchained elements; ... and as I hear thousands of voices that rise up to me crying against injustice, against the stupidity of power and corruption born in the senseless pride of tyrants without God in their souls; ... and as you who should govern in justice and you who should administer me*** faithfully and in the truth of the Gospel even dare to judge me, to insult me, to profane me and to mock me, I am about to cry out: "ENOUGH".

I come to stop your scheme that you are activating through malice and through the sacrilegious and scandalous actions accomplished in my name, and at the same time the machinery [gli ingranaggi] of my earth will move. The mountains will fall and the waters will move in abnormal and violent directions, the winds will be restless and will not obey their nature. All that is pure will rise upwards, leaving all the filth on earth which will tremble with fear. Are you wondering at the reason for all this?

Because you have profaned, violated everything that moves in the harmony of the One True God, you have renewed the massacre of the innocents and in these innocents you have condemned and crucified me again with all your culpable actions.

Only God can create and give you what is best for you.
Obey the Divine law of My Father
Fight for justice, do not lie asleep, and pray.
I will always be with you, now and always, and I bless you in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
I love you.

[Translator's comments:
* 'Exodus': see message of March 25 earlier in this thread
** in the sense of attributing something to oneself rather than to God.
*** presumed sense - administering Jesus in the Eucharist. PB]