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Thursday, March 10, 2016

FDA VACCINE INSERTS: how our beautiful babies changed after vaccination, the Cruzer's new target, &, Deutsche Bank winding up like Lehman Brothers?

"...how much plastic crap do we need? Robot manned factories spewing out products can only be marketed in so many ways. And those in the world who could use some new comforts don’t have any cash to buy them. A new paradigm will either unfold, or there will be war."  Paulo @ Wolfstreet

& now the Cruzers want to go after Donald John's wife

"Autism started at the same time as the introduction of vaccines, that is in the 1950's.  Toddlers started banging their heads against the wall and babies started getting cancer, asthma, eczema etc. and at that time they only gave D.T.P. & polio, but nobody linked it to vaccination.   Now we are all remembering how our beautiful babies changed after vaccination." Wewillwin777