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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Donald Trump Rally, Columbus Ohio – 12:00pm EST Live Stream, NYSLIMES caught w/their pants down, VOTE CHEATING IN TEXAS

Trump Supporters in Texas See Votes Switched to Rubio

Donald Trump Rally, Columbus Ohio – 12:00pm EST Live Stream…

"I am a common-sense Conservative." D.J.Trump

Melania Trump Interview CNN

Melania Trump Interview CNN Part 2

'off the record' IS OFF THE RECORD!!

the massacre of innocents in exchange for enriching open border self-interest cartels: "Send a message to every politician in Washington D.C.: if you betray American citizens, you will never occupy the Oval Office," Families victimized by illegals vow to block pro-immigration candidates, 'You will never occupy Oval Office' 

"So this guy is saying Mexico is going to declare war on the United States?" JohnofOregon - Feb. 29, 2016 at 10:28am


meanwhile, in FRANCE: the demolition of the 'Jungle' migrant camp in Calais