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Thursday, February 18, 2016

language as warfare: this is visual spin & manipulation. this is not a real conflict. UPDATED

this is visual spin & manipulation. both the Holy Father & Donald Trump are feared, & hated, on all sides by the 'trendmongers'. keep going everyone. this is not a real conflict. & ALWAYS be mindful of the source of information. 

"Every week there is a new challenge to Trump's dominance that's purely fabricated." Falcon@BR

& every week the Holy Father is smeared & humiliated:

"Next, and this is important, I remind everyone that the Roman Pontiff doesn’t teach doctrine on faith and morals through off-hand comments to journalists ON AN AIRPLANE RIDE!  So, relax about the contraception comment.... 
As far as weighing into the issue of the American Presidential campaign and Donald Trump, after having celebrated Mass virtually on top of one of the most politicized lines in the world, the US/Mexican border, I found his assertion that, as Pope, he doesn’t get into politics (“[I]l Papa è per tutti, e non può mettersi nella politica concreta, interna di un Paese: questo non è il ruolo del Papa.) fairly amusing.  Moreover, his quip about building walls not being Christian is odd, considering that right outside the door of Santa Marta, where His Holiness lives, is a Big Damn Wall™ that encircles the Vatican City State... 
I don’t believe for an instant that the Holy Father understands anything about the positions of the any of the candidates in this presidential election cycle in any comprehensive way.  He seems to have been reacting only to what the journalist included in his question** about Trump. Unfortunately we are now going to have to hear incessant commentary on it....
The moderation queue is ON.  I will cull comments severely.  Don’t even bother if you simply want to bash the Pope." Fr.Z 

who is this photo aimed at?!

►  ** more loaded questions:
Can an American Catholic vote for such a man? "I say only that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that."
►  & loaded language:
Here is Donald Trump responding to the attack on him by the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church today.

   Donald Trump Is Absolutely Right, The Islamic Terrorists Want And Will Invade Rome To Kill The Pope.

& this photoshop; who is it aimed at?

  the 'trendmongers' make their declaration: 
"predictable" ...see what 'they' did??!

►  "Herein lies the mystery of Divine Mercy. 
It seeks and invites us to conversion, 
it invites us to repentance; it invites us 
Pope Francis in Mexico