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Sunday, February 21, 2016

the well defined parameters of willful ignorance, the Reality of the Transfiguration, Fr. Paul Scalia's homily at his father's funeral, & Deliberate Crimes Against Humanity

"it is public record that Rubio was an invited guest at the Bilderberg conference two years ago." Strebs@GP

Trump questions Rubio's eligibility

3,000 to 5,000 ISIS militants trained in Syria & Iraq walk freely in Europe – Europol.
"However, Wainwright refused to link the unprecedented increase in the terror threat with the ongoing refugee crisis. He refuted the widespread assumption that terrorists are infiltrating Europe under the guise of asylum seekers."

"The West’s destruction will not become more explicit than the events playing out in the “refugee crisis” until it’s too late. "

Fr. Paul Scalia's remarkable homily at his father's funeral

Feb 21 – Homily – Fr Peter: The Transfiguration

Locutions to the World / Mary  
2. The Dream of the Terrorists 

Unto Sanctification in Christ Jesus
  "Our Lady is the dispensatrix of the graces of God: divinarum gratiarum primaria dispensatrix."