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Monday, February 15, 2016

"So do not be distracted by those who get paid to distract you in making you think every death is a conspiracy"


Let Justice Scalia Rest In Peace

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"I really loathe the Alex Jones mic heads who are employed to make every event a Grass Knoll in order to make everyone think everything is an assassination, when with Justice Scalia, he died exactly as my inquiry stated, and before anything was published officially in a heart attack.

When my dad died, he had been up that morning, and had laid down just before dinner at noon. Mom was talking to me and was fixing him something to eat, and I was finishing up as she went in to get him. She returned and said, "He is dead".

I said something stupid like "No", as what does one say on such events.

He was laid out peacefully, just like Justice Scalia. There was still moisture between his inner fingers, and I performed CPR on him, along with Mom. I was surprised by how much spring he had in his chest as I worked on him for about five minutes.

I was nauseated afterwards, as we waited for the mortician to arrive, as this is a remote location. When they arrived, they phoned the Medical Examiner, as in Texas and told him what medications he was taking, no foul play, and that was it, as he signed off on it.

They loaded him up with some effort, as he was a big man like Justice Scalia, and that is it.

There was a mark on my dad's forehead, which we assumed was the difficulty in loading him by the mortician who we knew. If he was famous, I suppose that would be some conspiracy, but sometimes people just die of silent heart attacks. My dad was a diabetic and that is how many of them go, or the elderly like my Grandpa did in his sleep.

The Scalia family have enough to deal with without this bullshit of Alex Jones and others, including those bastards at the Washington Post questioning an autopsy. Some families like our, and most like the Scalias do not want their loved one gutted like a fish and some ME weighing their brain on a scale. People deserve respect and autopsies are not mandatory and knowing what killed your loved one, is not going to give you peace or bring them back.

So Anton Scalia was the guest of John Poindexter, another rigorous Patriot, who got into a great deal of trouble falling on the sword for HW Bush's sub operational group activities. I am glad that he runs a hunting lodge in West Texas and that Justice Scalia had a full day and the old horse wore out and died in his sleep in peace.

It is disgusting the brats of Obama in the things they have been cheering about in Justice Scalia's death. He was a fair man, and never attacked anyone unkindly. He deserves better, but all he has is my experience in calling the rest of these sons of bitches out for what they are, in cartel trolls.

Put your effort to keeping Mitch McConnell and the GOP from even taking up an Obama troll on the docket for a vote. Do not put you faith in another Ted Cruz Green Eggs and Ham filibuster as he runs out of patriotism after a few hours, once the Tea Party has been defeated again.

The fight is for Donald Trump as President, and then Conservative Justices to replace Scalia, and then neutralizing Obama as a fraud, and tossing those lezbos off the Court. So do not be distracted by those who get paid to distract you in making you think every death is a conspiracy, and all your ad traffic gets them the big dollars.
Is why there are no ads on Lame Cherry, and why I foolishly keep believing in the rich people to make that big donation of 350,000 dollars for the work done here. But then they probably like not having the answers to anything and being led around about Scalia Conspiracies.

I told you what happened, and now the medical evidence backs up what I told you. Lame Cherry right again, a day before any one else knew it by God's Grace. I would that Justice Scalia was less on the cologne.

. At the ranch, Scalia joined about 35 other people invited by Poindexter, who declined to name the other guests.
Later that day, Scalia went out with the group to hunt blue quail. But “he did not exert himself,” Poindexter said. “He got out of the hunting vehicle, and walked around some.’’
Law enforcement officials said Scalia attended a private party that night with the other guests, and left to go to bed early. But Poindexter said that didn’t seem unusual: All of the guests were tired from traveling to the remote ranch, as well as the day’s other activities. Everyone was in bed by 10 p.m., he said.


This is primarily for Sandy, who has been upset over the death as many have of Justice Scalia. To answer her question, the call is harder than being there, as being there is traumatic, but in being told, one is always left waiting to see the confirmation to begin the grieving process.

It really bothers me a great deal in what Matt Drudge has engaged in, in this, in tormenting the Scalia family who have accepted Texas Law Enforcement, John Poindexter and a medical assessment, that Justice Scalia died in his sleep without foul play.

As for the pillow on the head, you can ask TL who TL knows that sleeps with a pillow over their head EVERY NIGHT, namely Lame Cherry, as air blowing on my head gives me sinus headaches, and is probably why Justice Scalia had a pillow over the top of his head."