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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

& AGAIN w/ FEELING: "The pillow was against the headboard.", the 7 times pundits predicted Donald's downfall & the reason Donald Trump appeals to everyone

"The ranch owner, John Poindexter, tried to clarify his comments, telling "CBS This Morning" that Scalia "had a pillow over his head, not over his face as some have been saying. The pillow was against the headboard."
Judge Cinderela Guevara said investigators found no signs of foul play or struggle. She added Scalia's personal physician believed "the death was due to natural causes." "

& again w/feeling: Scalia’s family did not want an autopsy

Seven times pundits predicted Donald Trump's downfall

"The Maturation of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you live in a bubble or do you live in community where you interact with others?

When people from out of town meet you, do you run from the things they say or do you ponder them?

The reason I ask this, is when you were growing up, you had a group of friends by being thrown together with them at Church or School, and most of them you no longer even know where they are, and the person you were then is probably not the same person you are now.

The Lame Cherry is going to give you an exclusive which the Trump Campaign is not telling you, as Donald Trump began the Conservative maturation in 1988, and had an education from 2000 on in how bad things get with leftist rule gone wild, which helped him mature.

There is though a group of people who Donald Trump came into contact with during these last few years and they had a profound effect upon debating with Mr. Trump and opening his understanding to a world outside of metropolises.
These few people are geniuses in their own right and as Mr. Trump has stated he only has the best people around him, this group is the best there is.

The people I am talking about who have brought about the Reagan Maturation of Donald Trump is his wife Melania, and the Trump children. If you want to know, what provided Donald Trump with the final step to the man we have now before us to save America, it was his family.

Melania is genius literally. She is fluent in numerous languages. She is a self made woman, who did not rest in her beauty, but in the roughest and toughest of worlds, she never sold herself, never was immoral, and always adhered to the European qualities of the epitome of feminine virtue.

The Trump children are the same remarkable group, in this extended family, they all get along, which means that Donald Trump knows how to deal with the worst of situations, and provide his children with the absolute guidance and love, that none of them are ever acting out like the Kennedys of Obama adoptees.

It is this group of Mrs. Trump and the children who have put the shine on the apple of Ronald Reagan's eye.

The Trump sons hunt. They would not be hunters if they did not understand the facts of life beyond concrete and asphalt, that tails cut off elephants for bracelets is a high honor in Africa, and that the meat feeds those Africans who dislike elephants rampaging through their crops and huts. There is no Walmart to go to if an elephant eats your garden and there is no money to order food off of Amazon. Hunting means food and revenue for these Africans, and the Trump sons understand this.

If you have visited Twitter, you can read Ivanka Trump's posts. She is a most vibrant and interesting Lady, in self improvement, empowering women and using every opportunity available to progress women.

One begins to see a pattern in this Trump family, in Donald Trump leading a group of very existential and accomplished people, who are all discussing the sound reasons they are doing something and why they have concluded the judgment in what they are now living their lives as.

In the South Carolina debate, Donald Trump admitted his wife, informs him constantly of things he could improve upon in the campaign, exactly like Nancy Reagan did President Reagan. For those who think Donald Trump is "out there", I can assure you that this son of Fred Trump, is hearing Conservative feedback from his family constantly, and Donald Trump listens and incorporates those observations.

I am going to repeat that so you understand the maturation of Donald Trump. Just look at any photo of Donald Trump with his father, Fred, and you can see who taught Donald John, just like his mother, the art of the deal. Fred Trump taught his son with love and discipline, and Donald Trump adored that fine man and loved is Mother with respect.

That is the same relationship Donald Trump has with all of his family. He listens to them and they listen to him. Donald Trump is constantly sifting information, and finding a better deal and that is Conservatism, not as Rush Limbaugh defines it for Big Koch, but as nature decides it in the reality of the boys experiences in hunting or Melania's experiences growing up in the shadow of the evil empire of the former Soviet Union.

Americans do not understand what it is like to be around your grandparents speaking of mass rapes of the women in World War II and complete cities obliterated, of finding 500 pound bombs in your fields dropped by the allies. Donald Trump has a unique world view, because the associations he has, are not silver spoon Jeb Bush or hate America Sanders and Clinton, but Donald Trump associates with the people whose lives are like your lives.

If you listen to Donald Trump, at heart he has a deep affection for the construction workers, the venders, the working people, as in his suit he is most comfortable with them and has an affinity for them, because it is how he expresses himself in Theodore Roosevelt American frontier terms.

Donald Trump loves mixing it up, just like working people do. It is one thing to be locked behind the ivory towers or have regime protections, but Donald Trump found out, that he could go out on that playground with Americans and thrive. Donald Trump loves Americans and is not Obama apologetic or Ted Cruz undocumented thinking being American is some stepping stone to something else.

I want you to understand this, that just like you, Donald Trump in his spouse and his children, have helped his maturation as they presented a world which was not present in the high rises of New York. Donald Trump understood the construction workers in their pride and their strengths, but in the past decade his wife and children, helped him to be exposed to more Conservative experiences in life which proved to him like Ronald Reagan, that the leftist dogma of tax and coddle, ruined all of Europe and without any restraints as in the Obama years has brought America to utter ruin.

I would be more concerned in a Jeb Bush who marries a Mexican, and she has him signing up that he is Hispanic, as she has shamed him in being American, and he wants all of us to be like Indonesian Islamist Birther Hussein Obama.
Donald Trump like all normal people, become more Conservative as they mature. Mr. Trump simply has a spectacular family who are Conservatives and discuss things with him.

It is important for all of you to know the intimacy which Donald Trump has with Conservatism. He was not hire for it like Rush Limbaugh. Did not read about it like Dinesh D'Souza. Is not trying to con people with it like Canadian Ted Cruz. Has not rejected it like Jeb Bush. Donald Trump is joined to Conseratism in a family way.

That is the reason Donald Trump appeals to everyone across the political spectrum. We all know what frauds we have been conned by and let down in the GOP and DNC. They all lie to us and criminalize us, and set us at each other. Donald Trump is a great deal like Moses in having been raised in the Ivory Towers, but has come down to join us in the brickyards, to lead us to that Ronald Reagan Shining City on a Hill again.

This is the maturation of Donald Trump. It is genuine, because in the Trump household they do not lie to each other, so Donald Trump is always honest with you, as he makes honesty a practice of his life, and it is why he calls out liars as he detests deception.

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