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Saturday, January 30, 2016

did you wake up in YOUR bed? ~ The Martyres of Iraq & Syria, in the hands of God & the intercession of Joselito

Apocalypse Paradigm : Tsunami in Japan 2011 - Shocking video
did you wake up in YOUR bed?

did you walk out of your home?

Did you shower w/cleaning, running water?

did you say goodbye to your animal.

was there change in your pocket?

was there $$$$ in your bank account?

& FOOD in your Refrigerator??

did you thank God? .

"Ximena Guadalupe Magallan Gálvez, known by family and friends as Lupis, fought tremendous odds to live, but because of the intercession of Blessed José Luis Sánchez del Río, who was killed at age 14 during the Mexican Cristero war, she is now a healthy seven-year-old."


4) Progressive Christianity is historically revisionist

Apocalypse Paradigm : † Revelaciones Marianas ~ Sept. 30, Oct.4 ...