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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our Lady of Silence & The Seven Utterances of the Mother of God

Oh! beloved Mother,
I come to you, tonight,
Seeking for rest?
To find, in silence, the serenity
For which my heart thirsts?
After the weariness of the day,
And the fever of action,
I come to you, Our Lady!

Haven of silence
Fountain of peace,
Abyss of gentleness!
I come to you, to renew my soul
To forget my cares,
To flee from speech
And to escape from the hectic life
Of which, tonight, I am weary?

I come to you, Our Lady
Teacher of silence and of shaded retreats,
Of wisdom and of joy, I come to You!
I want but one thing:
To remain in your sight,
To think of You, Virgin of silence.
And if I am too broken to think,
And too weary to pray,
Too wounded even to smile,
To simply be there at your feet,
In your silence.
To savour your silence, your calm,
To plunge into it, to quench my thirst in it!

To be at your feet, O Mary!
To love you with all my heart,
Without words, without discourses,
In silence!
Oh! Our Lady, I come to you?
May my heart contemplate
In your silence
The silence of adoration!