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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Answer: Punch FOX News in the mouth Right in front of you, GOP on Suicide Watch, &, Glasswings, Blue Morphos & a Juniper Hairstreak

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Donald Trump’s Fox Debate Boycott and The Ridiculous Fox News Response…

"After Trump announced that he will not participate in the Fox News debate, his campaign released the following statement:"

"Now let’s say you are Donald Trump, the scariest Republican that any Democrat has seen in ages. What is the one best thing he can do to separate himself from the Republican machine and show that he can be a deal-maker for everyone?"

"Trump supporters represent an open insurgency against ALL Washington, DC insiders on both sides of the aisle. GOP voters do not want any DC insiders, especially constitutionally ineligible candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio."

"I've been noticing these coincidences lately. If you step back and assume all TV and radio networks are working to take down Trump, you see "coincidences" every day. " TonyUnplugged