........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Friday, January 30, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/27,28/15 ★ Veni, Vidi, Deus Vicit - This is the only hope for humanity in this 21st century.

Virgin, Mother of God, God-famed Mary!
Ask Thy Son, our Lord, God-named Mary,
To have mercy upon us and hand it over to us!
Kyrie eleison!
Son of God, for Thy Baptist’s sake,
Hear the voices, fulfill the pleas we make!
Listen to the prayer we say,
For what we ask, give us today:
Life on earth free of vice;
After life: paradise!
Kyrie eleison!

10. The Person With the Key


All the world has become a battlefield, where the story of humanity is played out.  No longer a time of peace or even a place of peace.  All are drawn into the conflict.  All is interconnected.  Nothing stands alone and self-sufficient.  Such has been the plan of the Evil One who wants to snatch the whole world.  All the events are connected.  All have their place in his scheme.  He plants his people in high places and in seemingly lowly positions.  He stirs hearts to disrupt and then uses their actions to prepare for those who will follow.

He can use only sinful hearts.  His plans always  depend on one foundation – the selfishness imbedded in the human heart.  World leaders overlook this.  They have no plans to deal with human anger or human greed.  Their paper solutions soon are in shreds.  The walls they build crumble before the powers of human selfishness which destroys human life.  The battle rages everywhere and man is completely helpless to restore peace or to avoid calamities.

All evil begins in the human heart and flows out from within, going forth like a mighty river to flood the nations.  Another river exists which could swallow up all of these evils in a single moment.  The river has a name, Jesus, and He dwells in my Immaculate Heart.  Oh, when will this river be released?  When will I be able to raise up the one to whom I have given the key?  This is the only hope for humanity in this 21st century.

Comment:  Jesus told the apostles not to worry what they ate because evils come out of the human heart.  Looking at the world, we understand Our Lady’s words.  All the evils come from human selfishness.

1. A Secular Age That Has Rejected the Supernatural


No one can see the future because all of the events have not yet converged and come to a culmination.  Difficulties are everywhere.  Some places have become explosive.  Everyone is conscious of terrorism, but other evils are kept hidden from view, especially the weaknesses in the economic systems.  Those trying to resist and confront these evils use only human means, totally unaware of the supernatural powers that are the true forces behind the evils.

Such is the secular age which has rejected belief both in the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Darkness.  Modern man cannot grasp the true source of these evils because he does not even believe that they exist.  He cannot reach the only power that can save him because he has long ago set his religious faith aside, and proclaimed his world as “secular”.  I stand on the world’s battlefield and watch this tide of destruction and collapse.  I know exactly where it is going to happen next and what will be evil’s newest victories.

I will once again speak of what is to happen.  My previous words have already been fulfilled.  The American withdrawal has speeded up the timetable of terrorism.  The weak response in the Ukraine has emboldened Putin.  The failure to confront deficits has weakened economic systems.  China sees its opportunity for new aggressions.  I call all of these external problems.  The real difficulty is secularism.  Modern man has cut himself off from God’s help.

This is my moment.   As the Woman Clothed With the Sun, I will come upon the world stage, just as the heavenly Father has decided.  I will move up my timetable also.  Then the battle will begin.

Comment:  When faith is lost so is the true understanding of human events.

Defeating the Devil: Exorcists Tell Their Stories

Crux sacra sit mihi lux!
Nunquam draco sit mihi dux!
Vade retro Satana!
Nunquam suade mihi vana!
Sunt mala quae libas.
Ipse venena bibas!

operating in "structural sin" with the "astuteness of a traitor"

January 25, 2015 Message to Marija, &, As aparições da Virgem Maria no Amazonas - Brasil

edson glauber

January 25, 2015 Message to Marija

"Dear children! Also today I call you: live your vocation in prayer. Now, as never before, Satan wants to suffocate man and his soul by his contagious wind of hatred and unrest. In many hearts there is no joy because there is no God or prayer. Hatred and war are growing from day to day. I am calling you, little children, begin anew, with enthusiasm, the walk of holiness and love; since I have come among you because of this. Together let us be love and forgiveness for all those who know and want to love only with a human love and not with that immeasurable love of God to which God calls you. Little children, may hope in a better tomorrow always be in your heart. Thank you for having responded to my call."

"Dear children, I am calling you to openness to God. You see, little children, how nature is opening herself and is giving life and fruits. In the same way I am calling you to a life with God and a complete surrender to Him. Little children, I am with you and unceasingly I desire to lead you into the joy of life. I desire that each one of you discovers the joy and the love which is found only in God and which only God can give. God wants nothing else from you but your surrender. Therefore, little children, decide seriously for God because everything passes away. God alone does not pass away. Pray that you may discover the greatness and the joy of life which God is giving you. Thank you for having responded to my call." May 25, 1989

29 January 2015 message to Jabez

Children of My Divine Heart,

I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Hear Me. I desire to abide in you. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender. Give Me permission to transform you into instruments of My love, and mercy. Obey My commandments, and lead others by your example. Abandon your fears. Satan has such a hold on you. Do not fear events foretold. Trust Me. Ask for protection, and place your trust in Me. Do not seek to please men. They will lead you astray. Pray. Pray with your hearts. Teach your children to pray. Pray as a family for time is of the essence. Pray for all that you desire. I will swiftly answer you. Count on Me as trials manifest. I Am will guide your every step, and protect you when danger befalls you. Grow in faith. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

physical preparations are useless, this will be a supernatural battle above all, only won by the holiness & presence of God in our lives.

A Time of Preparation- Seeking Our Way to God’s Heart

Again, I want to thank all you for your support and prayers. Prayers are the greatest gift you can give us, and they are such a powerful instrument of comfort, discernment and relationship with God. No one can ask for a greater blessing than a prayer!

It is truly humbling, uplifting and heartwarming to receive so many emails from all areas of the world. Many of the communications I have received express valid worries and concerns, while some share different locutions, visions, messages and posts, some which are rather dark and gloomy. Please know that I am far from judging any visionary or prophecy, for it is up to each of us to discern such private revelations. In my view, many of these messages are correct in what they share, but yet if fear is overstated or projected in the message, the message may cause extra confusion and turmoil.

My mission from Our Lady is and has always been to bring genuine comfort to all of you, and to let you know that we are not alone. My assignment is to convey the hope and love of God, positively teaching and taking you on a deeper spiritual journey, using my own experiences and drawing on what I have been told and shown.

As we continue in preparation for coming events, rest assured that the love and power of the Holy Spirit will come upon all mankind. Those that are open to God’s Will are going to be truly blessed in the midst of the storm.

The Day of the LORD

“Then it will come about at a later time that I will pour out my Spirit on every person. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Your elderly people will dream dreams, and your young people will see visions.
Also at that time I will pour out my Spirit upon men and women servants. I will display warnings in the heavens, and on the earth blood, fire, and columns of smoke. The sun will be given over to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and terrifying Day of the LORD. And everyone who calls upon the name of the LORD will be delivered.
For as the LORD has said, ‘In Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be those who escape, the survivors whom the LORD is calling.”
The above scripture is being fulfilled in “our time”. It is a prophecy of chaos and turmoil, but also of deliverance, preparation and hope. Who needs to be prepared? All of us. Why? For our physical and spiritual existence and growth as well as the fulfilment of all prophecy in Holy Scriptures.

We are now still living in a rapidly ending time of mercy and love, given to us from God the Father. Some of us have been assigned the task of teaching the details of preparing ourselves for the coming storm—a time of divine justice but also a time of divine protection and deliverance.

Thus, we must begin our preparations by addressing our spiritual condition and atmosphere, and fiercely combating the destructive forces at work in our lives. Without accomplishing this important task first, physical preparations are useless.

To this end, we must remember that we live in two worlds: the natural world and the supernatural world. What destructive or evil influences are around us? Let us clean our spiritual house immediately through confession, prayer, fasting, and positive practice and action. Satan’s greatest tools in dealing with us in the supernatural world are fear of the unknown, discouragement, depression, lies, deception and many other entities that he places in the lives and mental world of every human being. What destructive parts of our culture are we allowing into our lives and the life of our family---media violence, sexual immorality, and occult movies? The mission of evil is to make you think that God, nor Satan, exist; evil often does not think that we are strong enough for spiritual conflict. Evil is wrong! The only power that evil has is the power that we give it. God has given us all the graces to combat and expose sin and darkness in our lives.

My friends, we have nothing to fear for God is with all of us in a special way in these times. He wants us to know that spiritual graces have been given to us to defeat and repel Satan from our midst. Our Lady and the Holy Spirit are teaching us that we are more than conquerors. Satan has no power over us, only what we give him.
But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy. 1 Peter 2:9-10

Secular Shelters, Preparation of Food, a Place of Safety…

I want you to know that the preparations that God is calling each of us to do need to happen very soon.

I do not want to disappoint many who have built shelters and are saving food and water for the coming times, nor am I suggesting that you stop preparing physically. If God has placed this in your heart and you are seeking spiritual direction and confirmation of your preparations through prayer, then you should accomplish those physical arrangements as directed.

However, I have received hundreds of advertisement emails from people that are financially benefiting from the fear that people have of what is coming to mankind. Again I say, be aware that this will be a supernatural battle above all, and that it can only be won by the holiness and presence of God in our lives. I have never received an email on preparing ourselves spiritually. The reality is that spiritual preparation is FREE and Jesus is the only answer to perfect preparedness. All that will take place will be both natural and supernatural, but the greater battle is supernatural.

Remember what took place in Hiroshima during the Second World War? An Atomic Bomb was dropped a few blocks from where eight German priests were praying the Rosary at the same time of the blast. Everything was destroyed within a one mile radius, yet these holy priests were not harmed or touched by the atomic bomb. This is a sample of God’s spiritual and physical protection! This sort of divine intervention is what we will encounter under the protection of Our Lady and God through the coming storm. It is more important to seek a repentant and sincere relationship with God than to try to prepare in the natural (without the spiritual).

At this time, we have important choices to make. It is time to make them!

Why are we in this battle?

When Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God, they lost the keys to the kingdom of heaven while Satan took the keys, thus becoming the ruler of this world. In the Book of Geneses, it was prophesied that God would send a Deliverer to save his people from this horrible situation. Please note that when Moses was asked by God if he would deliver the children of Israel from bondage, Satan thought that Moses was “the” Deliverer. He could only guess and did not really know. (By the way, most people believe that Satan can read their minds, but they are wrong. He only plays a destructive guessing game with information/misinformation.)

When Jesus was enduring the 40 day fast at the beginning of His ministry, Satan did not know who Jesus was. You will note that Satan asked Jesus that, IF HE WAS THE SON OF GOD, to throw himself over the cliff--- and that God’s angels would save Him. Jesus then spoke and told Satan: “Be gone”! Satan then left the presence of Jesus only to wait for the “hour of darkness”. As Satan observed the ministry of Jesus, he supposed that Jesus was the Son of God, and that he would destroy and kill Jesus. At the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus, Satan was laughing up a storm because finally he was going to destroy God.
“Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried. He descended into hell” [The Apostle's Creed]
Satan and his demons were having a party in Hell, rejoicing for their victory against God. On the Third day of their celebration a little tiny light appeared in their midst and only became larger and larger until, in all the fullness of the resurrection, the Messiah appeared. All the demons and Satan fell to their knees, prostrating themselves before their God. Trembling and shaking with fear at the presence of Jesus, they were perplexed. Jesus then walked up to the coward Satan and took the keys that Satan had taken from Adam and Eve. Jesus then took the keys to the kingdom of heaven and opened the door for all of God’s children. It was through His death and resurrection that Jesus gave His life for our salvation. For only God could open up Heaven for us.
on the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. [The Apostle's Creed]
I shared the above teaching to give us a better understanding of who we are, why we are in this current turmoil, but also of the graces and power that have been given to us to battle evil in our lives, in our families, those near to us and especially for those that have no one to pray for them.

Let us all diligently seek the Holy Spirit, along with the powerful sacraments of our church, as we each determine and choose spiritual and physical preparations. Be assured of our persistent and fervent prayers for you and your families.

Blessings in Christ and Mary,
John- Servant of God

Beware of those who preach a doctrine that contradicts Scripture

message to Pelianito

2 Corinthians 11:14-15 Even satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his ministers also disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness. Their end will match their deeds.
“My beloved children, do not be deceived. I have given you the Scriptures as your guiding light, your beacon of truth. Beware of those who preach a doctrine that contradicts Scripture. That way leads to death. You can see, can’t you, how so many have been deceived? Many have fallen into the trap laid by the enemy and many have not fallen but have hurled themselves into it. These you must pray for most of all. They are to be pitied, for their end will match their deeds if they do not repent. Pray for their conversion while you can. The day of mercy draws to a close. Yet this is the time when my faithful ones can ask for miracles, for grace upon grace is being poured over the earth—it only waits for someone to accept the graces. Do not hesitate. Do not say, ‘I am not worthy to be used in such a way.’ It is prideful to say so. No, in all humility say, ‘Lord, I am not worthy that your graces should come to me. Yet may your will be done in me and through me and let not my pride stand in your way. Jesus I trust in you. Fiat!’ Children, there is no time to waste. Accept every gift and grace it pleases me to give you and you will be hastening the work of the kingdom. Be at peace little ones. Shalom.”
O my loving God, I repent of all the times I let pride get in the way of your holy will for my life. Fiat, my Lord! I accept every gift and grace it pleases you to give me and all those being rejected by others, but most of all that others would accept the graces you offer, for the glory of your name and the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Here I am Lord, I come to live in your holy will. Save souls! Amen.

enjoy the snow!!

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/19-26/15 ★ I raise up my priest son to whom I have given the Fatima gift, All that the Evil One does & plans to do I will make known to him.

2. A Chosen Son


No chance.  The world has no chance without my path.  The world will stumble and fall.  Even worse, they will find no direction and enter into a pit of no return.  The present moment is a period of time like none other.  Everyone begins to catch a glimpse and to see this on the horizon.

Yet, I do not preach gloom and doom. I preach about light and a safe path.  I speak of the darkness so that when the events happen, you will believe my voice that a safe path does exist.

Do not place your trust in false leaders.  Do not trust leaders who claim to know the path.  As the darkness grows, I will raise up my leader, stamped with all my credentials, anointed with the Holy Spirit, totally one with me as a special son, always faithful to my name, always anxious for my glory.  He will deliver my words.  Even now, I am doing a special work in his heart.  I am clothing him in the sun.  This is the special son of Fatima.  I have stamped Fatima on his heart and this will be the sign by which you know that this is my son whom I have chosen so the whole world will find my path.

All will be clear.  All will be external.  The guidance will be given every day.  I will teach him all the strategies of the Evil One.  I will make his voice ring out over the whole world.  You will know him by this one sign.  He will be my priest son who has Fatima engraved on his heart and whose name is engraved on my heart.  The path will be safe.  Just listen to him.

Comment:  Our Lady makes this path so easy to find.  The light will come from a leader whom she raises up.

3. Steps Toward the Path


Great anxieties will grow as the problems increase.  New leaders are elected but little changes.  While the forces of darkness seem inevitable I speak about a tiny path.  All must search for this path and when they find it, they will have hope.

This path is revealed through faith.  Yet, many have abandoned their faith, leaving the church that nourished their parents.  They must return.  This is the first step.

Secondly, they must allow my light to pierce their hearts.  Their lifestyles are not in accord with my desires.  I promise to help everyone who makes the least efforts.

Finally, they must nourish this spirit.  They must feed upon the Eucharist, confession, the rosary and some time each day for prayer.

I have presented a full schedule, able to be adapted by everyone who reads these locutions.

Comment:  Our Lady accurately describes our growing anxieties and steps we can take.

4. The Messenger of Light


I foresee everything.  I see the goals of the Evil One and the path upon which he has led the world.  I see the great darkness that he plans and the steps he will lead everyone to take.  This includes the terrorists, the world leaders, the rich who control the world’s wealth and all who will shape the events.  All of his darkness and hiddenness is as clear as day.  Nothing is hidden from my eyes.

The Father has placed heavenly wisdom in my heart, just as He placed His Son in my womb.  He has revealed to me His plan of light for the coming darkness.  However, he has allowed me to choose my messenger  of light, and about this priest son I must speak so that my words are not vague or uncertain.

In this extreme moment of darkness, I would not leave this indispensable light to come about in a confused way, nor to even be questioned.  I must give humanity two gifts so everyone receives the light.  The first gift is a definite person, someone who is gentle and can be trusted, upon whom the Spirit of the Lord will rest.  I will leave no doubt.  I will send signs.  These will be Fatima signs that this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.

I will give him the strength of King David, the wisdom of Solomon and the light of the great prophets.  I will share with him my own task as the second John the Baptist.

I will reveal everything to him and he will reveal all to the world.  All that the Evil One does and plans to do I will make known to him.  He will be my constant and daily voice.  I will give him power to work signs and wonders but especially I will make him a light to the nations.  In him, my Church will shine forth to the world and all will see what I have done.

Comment:  Our Lady has so often promised light in the great darkness that lies ahead, but never has she been so specific about how she will give the light.

5. The Breath of God and a New Creation


A speaker can only imagine the effects of his words upon his listeners, but I see every heart and I know exactly what is happening through my words.  I speak of events and of roads that lead to darkness.   I do not speak to multiply anxieties but to light up my road of peace.

By my words, I breathe upon the world just as Jesus breathed upon his apostles when he said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (Jn.20:22).   My words are the breath of God (This is the Father’s gift to me) being poured forth like a new creation, restoring what is broken and encouraging those who are discouraged.

As the events continue (for they have already begun) I will constantly breathe upon the whole world.  Wherever I breathe, life will begin anew.  Wherever I breathe, light will overcome the darkness.  All must believe.  The darkness is new.  The evil is new.  The destructive forces are new.  Should not God’s powers also be new?  This is the new breath of God which the Father has placed in my heart.  I will breathe everywhere, but I must be invited.

If I am not invited, 2015 will hold only these events of destruction.  If I am invited, there will be a fresh and powerful breath of new life.

Comment:  Our Lady loves to use varied and simple images to teach the same themes.  The world will experience great and destructive events with no solution except for the gifts contained in her Immaculate Heart.

6. The 21st Century Opportunity


When dark clouds gather, all know that rain will soon fall.  There are certainly dark clouds on the horizon which all can see.  What rain will fall and when will the sun shine?  I will speak clearly

There will be two great clouds – terrorism and economic collapses.  The rain of terrorism has already begun but this is just the beginning rain.  Much larger and still darker clouds will release their rains.  This will be the scene as 2016 begins.
The economic clouds are present but not seen by all.  They will begin to pour out their rain later in the year.   However, the economic collapses, small at first, will touch many more lives than the acts of terrorism.  These evils will not come from outside forces.  They have been built into the economic systems by world leaders.  As such, they will be more systemic, closer to the mainstream and less vulnerable to possible solutions.

My words only reveal the beginnings.  If these are the 2015 events, what will happen in 2016 and 2017, leading up to the 100th anniversary of October 13,  1917?   Before that date of October 13, 2017, I will have lifted up my beloved priest son.  Through him, I will offer the people of the 21st century a second opportunity to accept the Fatima gift.

Even though I sent my three little children, especially Lucy, as the 20th century messengers, the people of that century did not open the Fatima gift and the graces were withheld.  I promise the world, so very soon, a second opportunity.

Although I must speak of the clouds of terrorism and economic collapses, I also speak of the Fatima gift.  I would not leave my children without hope.

Comment:  Our Lady says that the fullness of the Fatima gift should have been received in the 20th century.  Fortunately, the 21st century will be given a second opportunity.

7. Heaven’s New Snowfall


My blessings are like snow falling on the ground, covering every part with a heavenly beauty.  Snow is a two-fold image – of heaven, because it falls from the sky and of blessings, because it covers everything in a strange beauty, pleasing to the eye.  No one can command the snow.  No one cay say to the snow “Come” and no one can command, “Stop”.  All is beyond man’s powers, even his most sophisticated inventions.

So it will be when I raise up my priest son to whom I have given the Fatima gift.  No power in heaven or earth will stop the blessings.  No one will be able to cover them over.  Just as everyone sees the snow falling, so all will see the heavenly blessings of Fatima.

Thousands witnessed the sun dancing in the sky, but millions will see the new snow of Fatima falling.  That is why the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart must be public, known to all the world and to the Church.

Let it be made with the greatest of faith, by everyone.  All must believe.  All must be taught the promises.  The whole Church, with one mind and heart, filled with the greatest hope in the midst of the great darkness, must turn to heaven.  After that, the snow will begin to fall and new hope will begin to live in people’s hearts.

Comment:  Our Lady uses many images – fire, water, light, darkness.  However, this is the first time she has likened her actions to falling snow.

8. The Watchman on the Mountain


Events unfold, one leading to another.   Only looking back can the series of events be understood, seen as either important or unimportant.  I see quite differently.  I see the future and the events which lie ahead, one opening out into the next.

Like a watchman stationed high upon the mountain, I can see what no one else sees.   From this wisdom, I speak as no one else can speak.  Yet, who turns to me?  Who comes to the Queen of the universe and seeks my wisdom?  I do not wait for an invitation.  I boldly speak.  Let my words convince you.

The time of difficulties has begun.  At first, it will seem as if they are conquered.  New steps are taken to counter the terrorists.  New steps are taken to ease the economic difficulties.  People believe that these responses will turn the tide, but the evils are too deeply imbedded and the economic systems are too weak in too many places.

The West has neither the resources nor the will to adequately respond because the fire of faith has been extinguished.  The great zeal for God and for others has been lost.  The great leaders who could preach across Europe like St. Bernard, St. Francis, St. Dominic and St. Ignatius are no more.  The words that go forth are political and cunning, unable to raise man’s heart to the heavenly Father who alone can reverse the future series of events.  Tell me.  What world leader speaks of God?  Who seriously invokes Jesus?  These names are never heard, as if they were relics of the past.

Mankind will just continue this hopeless path until I raise up him to whom all the nations will listen.

Comment:  World leaders act as if they can solve the problems, refusing to proclaim their need for God’s help.

9. Raising Up Her Priest Son


In my heart, I hold my priest son whom I have mentioned many times.  He will be the great sign, so easy to see.  I will raise him up in extraordinary ways.  This will be an even greater sign.  I will clothe him with the sun of Fatima and give great power and wisdom to his words.

He will bless the nations with my Fatima gift.  He will teach and explain, so the whole world knows exactly what I want to do.  The powers of darkness have already come against him, but, as the Mother of God, I kept him safe and delivered him from the trial.

Now, I prepare him.   He knows that the time is very close for him to come on to the world scene.  He will not hesitate because he will be totally prepared, as if he had been there for years.  For him, these destructive events are signs which I had revealed to him years ago.  All of these events had to take place and the world had to be cast into darkness before I could raise him up.  At the moment of great despair, suddenly I will raise him up so all will know that I have not abandoned the world but have prepared for this dark moment.

How quickly I bring him on the scene depends upon the course of events.  Each person is free.  All make their decisions, world leaders and popes, terrorists and economists.  Although world events are shaped by many hands, I, alone, will choose exactly when and how I will raise up my priest son.  I speak these words so clearly now so that when this happens, the great sign of my love in doing this is full and abundant.

Comment:  Our Lady reveals slowly.  Now she comes to the full revelation. Many times she has mentioned her special priest son.  This locution reveals the mystery fully.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/15-18/15 ★ No longer will I speak of future events because the events have begun, just as I so accurately predicted. 2015 is the year of the beginning events.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 message to Jabez 

Children of My Divine Heart,
Draw near to Me. I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender in all confidence. Give Me permission to heal you. Abandon your fears at My feet. Do not fear men. Do not fear Satan. Just fear displeasing Me. That is the only healthy fear you must allow to take hold of you. Live each day as your last. Grow in holiness. Walk in humility, and in obedience. Read My word. I have richly gifted humanity. Read My word, and engrave it upon your hearts. Let Me guide your every step. Honor Me. Repent of all wrongdoings, and I will transform you into vessels most pure, most worthy of Me. You are My heirs. Act accordingly.

3. The Day of Notre Dame


Just as no one can prevent the sun from rising, so no one can prevent these events from spilling forth.  The evil is too deeply imbedded, the hatred is too extensive and man retains his free will.  Yet, I speak with great hope even in the face of the inevitable outpouring of evil.  What has been the response to these events which have already begun in Europe?

Various emotions are expressed, but are voices raised which point out that these countries have turned away from me?  Are the people saying, “Let us turn to Our Lady, our Notre Dame (French for Our Lady), for she will protect us?  This is what is missing.

In the Ages of Faith, there would be processions, not marches.  The Churches, not the streets, would be filled.  I promise that, as the events go on, the people will look for me and find the true source of living water which is needed to extinguish these fires and to deal with their consequences.

The answers to these coming events do not lie in the heart of man but in the heart of the Woman.  This is why I speak now and why my words must go forth to all the world.  A new enlightenment will dawn.  A new day will begin, a day of Notre Dame, when evil events cause the Churches to be filled and all find refuge in my heart.

Comment: Our Lady foresees a great good coming from terrorist attacks.  People will realize that they must return to religious faith.

4. The Terrorist Attacks


The road ahead will be very dark and many voices will be raised that will only bring about confusion.  Such is the darkness of which I have spoken so often.

The greatest problem of terrorism is the fear and panic which it causes. People’s lives are jolted.  Hundreds of changes are introduced.  A mentality of siege sets in.  Vast resources are spent on security.  Trust breaks down.  Sources of revenue dry up.  Economies shrink.  Investment capital no longer sustains growth.  All of these effects will be seen quickly.

Because I foresaw these moments so clearly, I began to speak four years ago.  I had to become a trusted voice, a familiar voice.  People had to grow accustomed to this new and important help from heaven.  Yes, I am speaking from heaven through this faithful messenger.

The words will change now.  No longer will I speak of future events because the events have begun, just as I so accurately predicted.  2015 is the year of the beginning events.  The year had just about opened, when suddenly all of these surprise attacks.  What I foresaw, was recorded for all to see.  The Middle East fires of terrorism have leaped over into Europe where they will find so much more fuel.

The course of these events is not at all determined.  They are not imposed by heaven.  They come from below, from human hearts and human decisions.  The events are the harvest of evil seeds, planted and nourished.  Heaven wants to help, to guide, to enlighten, and to calm down these fires.  But who turns to me?  The religious spirit of Europe has been sacrificed on the altar of secularism.  You are like the Prodigal who took his money and left his Father’s house.  Return to me.  I have never abandoned you.

Comment:  Read the past locutions.  Our Lady has spoken clearly about these 2015 events in Europe.

5. Avoiding the Annihilations of the Nations


How will all of these events conclude?  What lies at the end of the road?  Who will win the victory?  What suffering will be exacted?  The answers will unfold only as man lives out each day, month and year.  Human history can only record what has been experienced.  However, my voice can pierce deeply into the unforeseen night of the future.  My words are light, given before the events happen so that the events themselves can be changed.

If I left humanity to itself, there would be no hope.  Mankind would stumble from one calamity to the next until there would be an annihilation of the nations and a complete collapse of human life.  That is one possible end of the road that lies ahead.

My constant message, however, is that I do not want to leave humanity alone.  I want to come upon the world scene.  I am the Woman, who from the very beginning of history was charged with defeating the Evil One.  This has always been the heavenly Father’s plan and He will not change it because it is quite effective.  It need only be followed.  So, what will I do and what must mankind do?

I will take new initiatives.  For decades, I have planned for this combat.  I have appeared to many.  I have awakened the Church to declare me Immaculate (February 11, 1854).  I have left my clearest messages at Fatima.  Even now, I am appearing throughout the world.

However, this is not enough.  I have raised up this little voice of locutions which allows me to speak to so many each day.  There will be even clearer words, because as the events grow greater, people will need greater signs to give them hope.

This is my promise.  New Marian lights will come upon the scene, never known before.  I will also ready your hearts by new inner graces.  They begin right now.

Comment:  Our Lady’s words are all too clear about what lies ahead if she does not intervene.  That is why she is giving these special graces right now.

1. No Time For Delays


The darkness grows.  I lead you step by step into my light, so the darkness does not overwhelm you.  As the world’s lights are extinguished, people will see the false confidence they placed in the world’s power to save them.  Only one true light and only one path to world peace will exist.  Long before the darkness descends, people must know of my special light.  Few, very few, will be able to discover this light at the last minute because fear and confusion will grip their hearts and cloud their minds.

Right now, I speak.  Right now, I teach.  Right now, I reveal.   You also must listen, learn and accept my words in faith.  If you have abandoned your religious practices, return to them.  If you have wandered into sin, repent and go to confession.  If you have made wrong decisions and have taken the wrong road, turn around and go back.  Regain what you have lost.  Claim again what you have set aside.

This is not the work of one day but the task must be completed as quickly as possible.  Do not delay.  Your steps will prepare you for greater gifts of inner peace that will serve you well when the darkness comes.

On this path of conversion, I will send people who will help you.  Join your heart with them.  You will need one another.  I will provide all you need at every step, but I cannot make your decision.  You alone can decide.

Comment:  Our Lady’s words bring hope.  No one need sit idle and wait for the inevitable darkness.  Steps can be taken to find the light.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD January 2015 ★ the terrorist threats, Their goal is New York, What other creature could tell the sun to dance?

1. New York and Washington


When the events begin and the darkness grows, the way will not be clear. Many voices will be raised, all claiming wisdom. However, they will be no match for the intelligence of the Evil One who has orchestrated his symphony of destruction and cruelty. This is mankind’s future. Even now, the future can be detected in its growing outlines.

Before that happens, I must establish my voice as a true source of light. I cannot come onto the scene at the last moment and expect people to believe instantly. That is why I began these locutions years ago. Gradually, their light has gone forth and found hearts to accept them. Therefore, I can speak simply to hearts that believe. Let us begin.

At this very hour, the world is awakening to the terrorist threats. They have not receded. They have not been destroyed (as some claimed). They have grown. In their sophisticated approaches, they have become equals to the West. They know what is still lacking and what they need to totally disrupt life. They see new and great victories on the horizon. I have spoken earlier and clearly that it was already too late to stop them. The American withdrawal has allowed them to survive. I spoke quite clearly of Syria and its fires that would not be quickly extinguished and would be the fuse that would ignite explosions elsewhere.

Now that everyone can see the wisdom in my words, what can I say? I can only speak the truth, as difficult as that is. I did not cause this situation but I must faithfully describe it.

The events will move quickly. The road contains no obstacles. The West will put up a 100 obstacles, but the terrorists will just take another road (as they laugh at the West’s futility). They have studied you. They know your defenses. They have plotted well. Their master plan is in place. Their goal is New York (the great symbol of American life) and bringing Washington to its knees. They will skip other goals, feeling they always can return to them. They know that when they show their power in America, all the Muslim terrorist world will rejoice and they will enjoy the spoils of victory.

Comment: How sad Our Lady must be to describe these events. Our Lady seems to be saying that the terrorist’s goal is to attack New York. Washington will be humbled by its inability to protect this country. Satan has already weakened the spirit of the New York police force.

2. The Faithful Messenger


The world is entering into the white heat of the fire. Unfortunately, it is not my white heat which would set the world free. By these terrorist actions a new slavery is being released. Limits will be placed on freedoms. Security walls will be raised. Terrorists strike one part of society but the tremors go everywhere. O humanity, this is the road of your future. How I weep. So much destruction lay ahead. The great sorrows of my heart. Consuming fires everywhere. Total confusion and helplessness. All that I can do now is speak, before all of this occurs, so that when the events happen people will know that I have been on the scene from the beginning.

I must attract the whole world to these locutions. I must win everyone’s heart. In the midst of the darkness, this tiny light will open out to another fire and the greatest of protections. So, let me speak quite clearly.

Each day the messenger of these locutions comes before me and allows me to share the secrets of my heart. How I welcome this messenger, so ever faithful, and this opportunity to speak to the world. These locutions are not just words. They contain the power of my Immaculate Heart. I promise that there will be a different white heat, coming from a different fire, far more powerful that the fires of destruction which you now experience.

The powerful sun at Fatima (October 13, 1917) is meant as a symbol and a sign. The sign and wonder of that sun is still alive and effective. Read the story. Let it be a sign to the whole world. What other creature could tell the sun to dance?

What other creature could tell the sun to hurtle toward earth so that everything would dry up immediately? I promised this sign to the three children because they were faithful messengers. The messenger of these locutions is also faithful and I will not hold back other divine signs.

Comment: Our Lady wants us to know that Fatima is a powerful force, today more than ever before.

Dancing Sun Miracle - Divine Mercy Hills, Philippines

lest Thy Church suffer too great a darkness, too piercing a cold.

Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist, there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance.  St. Augustine

“Children, again and again I have told you, do not be afraid! Surrender to me. Live in my will. Be docile, humble, little. Filter your thoughts through the sieve of humility. Use the finest sieve to filter out the least impurity of pride. Pride is what you must fear. Let humility be your safety. Ask our Mother to teach you the ways of humility. No creature was ever more perfectly humble, perfectly human than she was. Even now she keeps nothing for herself, but everything that comes to her passes out again. The prayers of the faithful she adorns with her merits and present to her Son. The graces showered on her by the Holy Trinity she in turn showers on all who receive them with a sincere heart. Take heed my children—humility is the antidote to the world’s ills. Ponder this, my children. It has never been more urgently needed.”   message to Pelianito - January 13th, 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

and I intercede for you before God.

gratitude toward God for having sent Mary to us.

“God sends me to you out of love, so that I may help you to comprehend that without Him there is no future or joy and, above all, there is no eternal salvation.”

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/12/15 ★ Does no one see the demonic intelligence behind all these events?

12. Stretched Resources Until the Breakthrough


At first, the road is narrow and affects just a few.  Then it widens and more are drawn into the evil.  Not encountering any resistance, evil gladly widens its scope, enjoying victories that it never thought possible.

Such is the wave of terrorism that now sweeps across the earth.  The tiny cells have multiplied and learned how to thrive.  They have mastered new techniques to avoid detection.  They are no longer the unsophisticated terror groups raised up by Bin Laden.  Instead, they pose a serious threat even to the sophisticated Western intelligence systems.

The war will be a long one.  They will not be easily defeated nor even detected until, at times, it is too late.  Casualties will mount and the costs of security will skyrocket, placing new strains upon the economies.  Everything is being stretched, just as I have said.  Stretched and stretched and stretched until the breakthroughs occur.  The leaks begin, followed by the floods.

Does no one see the demonic intelligence behind all these events?  Human solutions will fail.  Walls of human protection will fall.  As the events take place, the words of these locutions will be exalted as a true light, dawning slowly but soon becoming like the noonday sun.  When the whole world is bathed in my light, people will see the decisions they must take, slowly at first but then quickly.  The time is short.  The Fatima anniversary is not far away.

Comment:  Our Lady describes the future path of terrorism and the economic costs to fight its spread.

Monday, January 12, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/9-11/15 ★ Now that the events are to begin, do not trust in your own strength or upon your own resources.

9. Gifts for October 13, 2017


Be strong.  Fear not.  At every moment I am at your side.  Following me, you shall not fall or perish.  For four years, I have spoken to you.  Now that the events are to begin (slowly at first but a true beginning) my words will change.  They will be more decisive, bolder and easier to understand.

Again I say it.  Do not fear.  Also, do not trust in your own strength or upon your own resources.  Still, do not fear.  I understand the flood waters perfectly and I will teach you how to survive.  I understand the destructive fires and I will teach you how to overcome them.

I must draw you closer to me than ever before.  I must fill every part of you with the greatest confidence in my protection.  I must turn your eyes totally to me and have your ears hear only my words.

Everything must be total – a total trust, a total hope, a total fidelity, a total receiving.  You must be all mine and I must be all yours.  Total.  Complete.  Nothing left out.  Nothing held back.  A new oneness that you never thought was possible.  These are my gifts for these years before the 100th anniversary of Fatima.

Comments:  Our Lady takes complete command.  Nothing is held back.

10. The Fatima Messenger


Can I not lift up this little voice of locutions and make it my voice of Fatima?  That is exactly what I must do because the voice of Fatima has been silenced.  I will find other ears and other hearts, which cherish this message and look to this voice of the locutions with the greatest desires.  Let me begin.

Nearly 100 years ago, when the Great War was at its height, I came with a sorrowful heart, but one filled with hope.  The heavenly Father had sent me to announce great promises.  I had chosen three perfect messengers to receive the gift, knowing that their child-like faith would overcome all the difficulties.  The messages would be received and proclaimed.

The great gift was sealed on October 13, 1917, a public sign, recorded in all its aspect and proclaimed by even the secular press.  What a history since then!  The great treasure has been in a perilous stream, looked at, examined, set aside, and limited, but never opened.  Speculation, controversy, books written and debates, but the gift never opened.

I say all this because I want to reveal my actions.  I have taken the Fatima gift and I have placed it in the heart of my priest son.  He knows his call fully.  Long ago he accepted the gift and ever since then has dedicated himself to it.  Now, a great urgency arises in his heart.  He can see the events happening which he knew would come first.  He knows the time is short.  Pray for him.  He is my Fatima messenger.

Comment:  As this year 2015 unfolds, the locutions become very specific about the Fatima gift.

11. Walls That Are Not Firm


The foundations of society are weakened.   What was once a strong fortress has become a mere shell of itself, ready to fall to the enemy and no longer a bulwark of faith.  Everything looks the same.  For a while, life goes on as if nothing has changed.  Yet, the walls are not firm and people’s trust in them is misplaced.

No one speaks of this dilemma, pretending that it does not exist, but I must open my lips and proclaim to all the world.  Your world can crumble tomorrow.  You are vulnerable on every side.  How you arrived at this point is not as important as how you survive.  I am no longer speaking about a problem here and a problem there.  I am speaking about the survival of human life; or conversely, the annihilation of nations.  Which will it be?  All will be determined in the next years leading up to October 13, 2017.  That is my clear message.

These are not years to wait, or to sleep, or to merely watch the events.  This is what you must do.  Take all my words into your heart.  I speak of the future, so you can act in the present.  Take my warnings seriously but do not fear.  Instead, act.  Examine your life.  My words contain power.  They will move you from one lifestyle into another.  Think of me.  Invite me.  Speak to me.  I will come.  I will fill your life.  When I permeate your whole being, then your walls will be firm and you will stand in the day of trial.

Comment:  Our Lady has spoken often of events that seem beyond us.  Today, she teaches each person how to prepare – a lifestyle filled with Our Lady’s presence.

Friday, January 9, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/7,8/15 ★ A Warning to the People of the World! You have now fully entered into the Era of the End Times.

Message from St. Michael the Archangel

January 2, 2015

Lo and Behold! A Warning to the People of the World!

You have now fully entered into the Era of the End Times. Nothing that once existed in the past will survive the changes that will take place during these end times in your world. The sins of humanity have now come to roost on the eternal scales of justice for mankind, and the weight of the sins of the world has redefined the plan that God has always planned for mankind. Because of the sins of the world, great changes will now take place for humanity in the very near future.

You have been forewarned through the ancient prophecies as well as the modern prophecies of those who are receiving Messages from Heaven - warning you of the changes that are to take place. In this very new year, you will see how the end times events are going to surface to the face of the Earth in a way that all of humanity will recognize that the future of mankind will be irrevocably changed from the humanity of the past in a way that the Father in Heaven has planned, so that the evil of the world will be finally purged from the face of the Earth.

Beginning in this very new year, you will witness and experience the destruction of the world's economy, the toppling of the dollar, and a return to a more agrarian existence, due to the sins of mankind, but mostly due to the greed and avarice of the minions of satan, who have been manipulating the plan of the Father and destroying individual prosperity and freedoms for many years now.

Now it is time for the Father in Heaven to pull the plug on the minions of satan, who have been manipulating and controlling humanity. It is necessary to eliminate the power that they have created over you in order to allow the New Heaven and New Earth to become the new future for humanity.

In the meantime as a result, there will be much suffering and anguish among all of you. Many of you will initially react with rage, even against the Father in Heaven, for the events that are to take place. However, the Redeemer, the Son of the Father, will manifest Himself in a way that will give all of you the inspiration to survive these end times, because in your discernment, you will see the will of the Father playing out in these end times scenarios. You will see that all of the darkness that will surface will be eliminated by the Light of the Father in Heaven through His Son, the Redeemer of the World.

It is up to you, the powerful prayerful warriors and believers in the Divinity of the Son, the Redeemer, to carry forth the messages of the Father and the Son – the messages that will allow God’s chosen ones to reestablish here on Earth a place of freedom for mankind – freedom from the oppression of the evil one and his minions.

The oppression that humanity has suffered here on Earth will no longer exist. The minions of satan will be dealt with by your Lord and Saviour. The sins of those who have oppressed humanity will be weighed on the scales of the eternal justice that the Father in Heaven has created to resolve the evilness here on Earth.

You must prepare for difficult times ahead. Within this New Year, the signs of the great changes will become very significant in a way that will impact your lives and your economies. You must prepare for these events and follow the discernment and vision that each and every one of you will receive from the Heavenly Realms to enable you, your family members, and friends to survive the difficult economic struggles that lie ahead.

There will also be great earthly and cataclysmic changes to your environment in the near future. Once again, those of you who are doing the work of the Father and of His Son, the Redeemer, will be given the discernment and the vision on how to conduct yourselves in these end times.

The minions of satan, the global leaders who have been oppressing you, have their own plans on how to deal with the times ahead. They are already aware of their own plans to bring further enslavement and restrictions upon the people of God, but they are not aware and will not be aware of how they are going to be defeated by the good people of the Earth – for the Father in Heaven through His Son the Redeemer of the world - will be communicating with His chosen people interiorly, and they will have the discernment not to share the Father’s plans with the enemies of all that is good.

The Father in Heaven through His Son the Redeemer will utilize the strength of the Holy Spirit to communicate interiorly with each and every one of His chosen children. During these End Times, you are being asked to be vigilant and prayerful, and to use your discernment through the power of the Holy Spirit to conduct yourselves only in ways that reflect the Eternal Love of the Father in Heaven. This is the simple instruction for all of you that you must follow!

In the end, the children of God will be victorious over the evil of the world, and a New Heaven and a New Earth will be revealed!

Thanks be to God!
St. Rosalie’s Eucharistic Chapel, Hampton Bays, New York, at 9:00am - Message ended 9:22am

October 13, 2017 (Special Locution) 

2015 will be different because it is the beginning year of the events of darkness.  Unless my light comes, these events will come more quickly and grow stronger until a fullness of darkness is reached on October 13, 2017.  Would this not be the great tragedy?  What was meant to be 100 years of Fatima light, culminating in the greatest light becomes instead a 100 years of darkness, culminating in the greatest darkness.
Satan would steal my  day.  He would turn my feast into his feast.  Instead of the great heavenly sign of the Woman Clothed With the Sun, the world would see the dragon instead. (Rev. C 12).
Comment:  On October 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima fulfilled her promise to the three children that she would give a sign for all the world to see. On that rainy day, the 50,000 – 70,00 people witnessed for about 10 -15 minutes what is called “The Dance of the Sun”.   After “dancing” in the sky for many moments, the sun, seemingly left its orbit and hurtled toward earth.  The people felt that this was the end of the world.  Then, the sun went back to the heavens.  The sign was complete.  However, all the people and their clothes were totally dry.  The many big puddles in the field were gone.  This was a tremendous public experience.  All the Portuguese newspapers published the story, complete with photographs, the next day.  This locution points to the 100th anniversary of the “Dance of the Sun” as Satan’s target date for the culmination of the events of darkness.  This is a very important locution.

7. God’s Great Promise


I want you to see all my thoughts.  I lay before you all of my understanding and my plans.  Let us begin.

From the very beginning, mankind chose the darkness.  After welcoming Eve as his partner, Adam joined with her in their sinful choice.  Mankind set out on a road that took it farther away from God.  The only light was God’s promise of a Woman, who God knew would bring forth His Son.

This has been the story of all of history.  Left on his own, mankind walks away from God.  When guided by the Woman and enriched by her Son’s Holy Spirit, mankind turns back to God and gains a season of blessings.

At this very moment, to a degree never experienced since Jesus’ victory on the cross, mankind has been led into the greatest darkness.  What will the heavenly Father do?  He will use the same plan, what He promised at the beginning of history and what He fulfilled in Jesus.  He will bring forth the Woman, who will offer her Son to world.  Right now, mankind plunges into the darkness and is like Adam and Eve without the help of the Woman. After great powers and forces of sin were released, they feared God’s presence and knew that they were naked.  Their relationship became distorted.  God’s plan for them was ripped apart.

This is the present road of mankind.  Powerful sinful forces have been released and more are waiting in the wings.  Go back to the promise.  “I will put an enmity between you and the Woman, between your offspring and hers”. (Gen.3:15)  The salvation of the human race at this moment of history is contained in that promise.

Comment:  Human decisions are affected by two forces, the power of sin and the power of God’s promise.  Each person and each nation decides which power they want to follow.

8. All – From Least to Greatest Can Enter


I will open up all the doors and turn on all the lights.  These are the doors of my heart so people of every walk of life, of every class and nation can have entrance.  I will turn on all the lights, in every possible language and at every level of human understanding.  All, from the least to the greatest, will know that I have not forsaken the human race.

I share with you now my plan.  I have spoken so often of events which will disturb human life, will cause suffering, and will grow and affect everyone in the world.

I will use these events.  They are breakthroughs of darkness, but I will use them as special moments of my light.  When the normal order is shattered, people will no longer place their trust in their little gods of money and possessions.  They can no longer count upon their usual lifestyle.  They are shaken.  Satan will use these events to instill fear, which allows him greater entrance.

I will use the very events that he brings about as my special moments.  When people are shaken, I will pour out the religious spirit, the gift of devotion.  This is my promise.  When the events begin (and they are already happening on a small and limited scale) you must not fear.  You must recall my words, “I will open all the doors of my heart so people of every walk of life, of every class and nation, can have entrance.”

Comment:  As these events happen, people will come to a crossroads.  Will they be entrapped by Satan’s fear or will they accept Our Lady’s invitation?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 1/3-6/15 ★ Events Affecting America - Faith will be the only power which can help you to survive the future events.

3. Like a Trapped Army


Mankind has a path, a choice, a decision.  However, a time comes when he finds no paths, has no choices and decisions are taken from his hands.  Events overtake mankind and he has few choices.  Unlimited opportunities suddenly narrow, and few remain.

Currently, people feel unrestrained.  Many options are at their fingertips.  More and more choices are made available.  The time is coming when all of this will be reversed.  Options taken away.  Opportunities no longer available.  Human life reduced to the necessities.

Opportunities have been squandered.  Calls to repentance have been scorned.  Mankind has chosen the wide road instead of the true one.  Like an army that has foolishly allowed itself to be drawn into a trap, mankind has chosen the wrong road and has arrived at the wrong place.  Nothing can be done because the darkness which guided man still has power.  No one listens to me.

So, the events will come.  The illusions will be destroyed.  When freed from that false light, mankind will have a second chance.  The events of darkness can become a door into light.  The dark events hold a hidden blessing.

Comment:  At this moment, mankind seemingly has endless options that promise happiness.  When these are taken away people will be more responsive to Our Lady’s voice.

4. True Paths To Light


Amid all the darkness, many paths to light will suddenly appear.  Those who have faith will see them and those who believe will walk them.  How important will be these locutions, the words of your mother.  They will describe everything.

In the midst of the difficulties, my words will point out the false roads and the false leaders.  Indeed, many, in their great anxieties, will throw away caution and will follow those leaders.  They will choose roads that, in more normal times, they would have easily rejected.  Such will be the anxiety that grips so many.

Those who listen, believe and walk in my words, will experience a peace, even amid great difficulties.  Those with even a mustard seed of faith, will find great strength.  How many hearts I will stir to great devotion.  Many will help others.  Families will be united because they so need one another.  Those who have abandoned the faith, will see how important it is to return.

These are the true paths to light.  Reject quick and easy solutions which have no power to touch the heart.  My new paths to light will take place within.  Amid the greatest difficulties, I will pour out my greatest lights.  I must speak through these locutions so all know where to look for my gifts.

Comment:  Amid anxieties, people choose solutions that they would otherwise reject.  Our Lady offers true help through inner graces.

5. Events Affecting America


The path is so dangerous that only those who take my hand will walk safely.  They will know that a special guidance is coming from the words that I speak.

Right now, all is light. Life continues as usual.  The problems seem so far away, just reports of news in other parts of the world.  Fear does not grip America.  Its eyes are on the stock markets, the drop in gas prices and on all the playoff games.  These absorb people’s hearts.

But I speak deep within, of events which will deeply disturb this way of life, events which begin slowly. At first, they will not be seen as serious.  However, they will continue and grow.  I speak of moments when the news is not just about far away events which affect the lives of others, but of national events, that pierce America’s lifestyle.

When these happen, will you turn away from your games?  Will the seed of faith still be alive in your hearts?  For some, yes.  For many, no.  When I promise to take you safely by my hand, I am speaking about your life of faith.  That will be the only power which can help you to survive the future events.  My words will keep that faith alive.

Comment:  Americans read of destructive events but their lives go on as usual.  The new events will change that.

6. Stars in the Darkest Night


I want you to see and to understand.  When the events take place, people will react.  One darkness will lead to another.  Human decisions will cause greater darkness and suffering.  When events take place, they affect everyone, the good and the bad, those who caused the events and the innocent ones.  Everyone’s life is changed.

What can I do?  I can give light.  I can give the words of a mother.  My children will see.  They will understand.  First, they will know that I have spoken ahead of time.  They have already experienced my words.  They have hungered and looked forward to my words.  Their hearts are already open and they have already learned how to receive.

I will not hold back my words, and with the words come my greatest helps.  My words will have a strange power.  They will pierce the heart.  I will bring my words to their minds again and again.  My children will cling to my words.  They will look to my words as stars in the darkest night.  They will be like Columbus of years ago who made his way across the ocean by the light of the stars.  Such will be my words in the darkness.

Comment:  Those who read these locutions have come to love them.  How important the words will be during the events.

★I am calling My people out of obscurity in 2015 - What is asked of you, as I also have done, is to love & to give★

Here is my heart ... It is full of love for you and for humanity. I wish to save you from the present darkness. The dangers are many, but if you are faithful to Heaven's calls to you, you will be able to overcome the trials and obstacles with strength and courage, peace and serenity .... Welcome the messages of my Immaculate Mother. I have sent her to show you the path which leads to the glory of my Kingdom. full message @As aparições da Virgem Maria no Amazonas 1/1/15


Out of Obscurity- The Year of the Platform

WingsOfProphecy  January 1st, 2015

I am calling My people out of obscurity in 2015. Those of you who have been hidden for a time in darkness as I prepared you, get ready to step forth into the light! Your preparation was necessary, that you might be able to withstand the wiles of the enemy when you walk into the limelight.

Prepare your hearts, My children, for your lives are about to change forever. I will raise you up on new platforms to teach and preach to My other children, that all may be made ready for the end of time, the soon coming return of My precious Son, Jesus. Your hearts must be truly to please Me, and not yourself, for when this begins, you shall receive offers and invitations that are not wholly My will for you. I will say no at times and you will not understand why, but I see the motives of every man’s heart. Not all that is good is My will, not all that is bad isn’t. My thoughts are higher than yours, My ways more eternal. Set yourselves to follow My will, no matter the cost, no matter what others may say, and you shall be saved. You will be safe in the midst of the horrors that will soon visit the earth, safe in the midst of famine, safe in the midst of every storm, that you may continue doing My will, and spreading My Word.

As I have told you, all is not as it appears to be. Much of what you now see is not what you think it is, or why. You have no need to worry about these things, only trust in Me, walk in My will, and keep Me first in your heart at all times. I will shelter you.

Even now some of My children are starting to see the signs I am moving you into the limelight. Flow with Me, My children. Let Me make the moves, for I alone know the way, and where You are called to be at any given time.

You shall no longer be free to do as you wish, you must do as I will if you wish to keep the anointing and holy power I pour out on you. No longer will you be allowed to walk where evil abounds (in my spirit, I saw bars, etc.), for My people must be of one mind (not double-minded) and one purpose – that being to serve My people and do My will, not your own.

My people must live holy lives if they are to serve Me in this capacity, for My power does not flow with compromise.

Choose you this day whom you will serve, and do not look back. Ahead of you are great rewards indeed, if you sacrifice the desires of your flesh and your worldly dreams and follow Me.

2015 Is the Year of the Platform

Already My people sense the change coming. And change is coming for My children. Good change.

This will be the year of the platform for My people. This is the year I will raise up a platform for those called to My purposes. I have given some of you a voice, now I will reveal where I desire you to use it. (I saw some writing, some speaking, some singing)

Speak boldly for Me, My children, for the end is very near now and your time grows shorter by the day. Many are still lost, on the road to destruction, and many who claim to be Mine are not. I will continue to warn them through signs and wonders, through My other children, and through My Word, until the end.

(At this point, and I didn’t understand it right at that moment, I saw rugs being yanked out from under people – it goes with what is next).

The level I raise each of My children to this year depends on how faithful you have shown yourselves to be – in My Word, in My Kingdom work, in your duties as Christians in the earth. I will not promote those who have not shown themselves to be honest, diligent, faithful, and Christ-like in their dealings. Remember, My children, I judge the hearts as much as the actions themselves. Both must be right.

For those who have refused to answer My call, what you have shall be taken from you and given to one more deserving. My children, if you love Me, you will obey Me. Yet many of My children still refuse to do as I ask them. The rewards go to those who do obey.

I cannot use those who refuse to prepare and I will not use those who refuse to obey.

Choose now – who will you obey? Me or your flesh?